DirectCam Guide

DirectCam Guide

We've updated the DirectCam broadcaster which doesn’t rely on Flash player.  You can use it from your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Two-way cam should be a much better experience as well.  Read the 'DirectCam Helper' guide here.

You’ve set up your AdultWork account, figured out what your webcamming style is and now you’re ready to start attracting clients to your webcam sessions.  

Only, this is your first time using DirectCam.  The last thing you want are glitches and hitches.  In this guide, we’ll bust the jargon and give you all the information you need to confidently set up your DirectCam and take the next step: getting online and making money!

We’ll cover:

  • What DirectCam is
  • Enabling ‘Webcam Work’
  • Setting up JustCamIt
  • DirectCam on mobile

What is DirectCam

DirectCam is a real-time Webcam platform available to members of  It provides visitors with simple access to Webcammers and details of scheduled DirectCam shows via a programme called JustCamIt (JCI).

JCI is a high-quality, secure video chat streaming service for your computer.  As well as letting you go live, JCI includes tools for managing your chat room, gives you alerts and updates about the video quality throughout your streaming session. 💻

Enabling ‘Webcam Work’

Visit your Registration Details Page here and select ‘Webcam Work’ and hit save. If you can’t select ‘Webcam Work’ or you are seeing a ‘Verification Required’ message when trying to enable Webcam Work, then you will need to become a verified member. Completing this is really simple and means that you can crack on with camming.

Becoming a verified member is easy. Visit your ‘Member Verification’ Page here.  This page will advise you of the documents required to verify your profile and become a verified member.

Setting up JustCamIt

Before downloading JCI, you will need to do a couple of things within your profile, as shown in the short video below.

Once you’ve set up your profile and registered as offering Webcam services, you’re ready to download JCI.

This software is for Windows PC/Laptop only – you can download JustCamIt here.

*Mac or ChromeBook users should use JustCamIt Lite by visiting this site. Mac users, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.  Safari no longer supports Flash player.

Your JustCamIt login details can be found here.

The JCI Help guide automatically installs with the application (Windows PC/Laptop), named “JustCamIt Help”.  There’s a lot of technical information about how JCI works and using all the settings, but you should give it a quick read.  You’ll find some immediately useful details such as:

  • How to log in
  • Using the connections list
  • Using 2-way cam
  • Streaming quality warnings (how good you look/sound)
  • Setting and adjusting the camera and sound.

Supporting Mobile on DirectCam

You need more bandwidth to support mobile compared to the amount of bandwidth you need to support a PC. 📱

A quick note about Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the available space for your traffic.  In rough terms, more bandwidth means that you can send more things at the same time.  Imagine it as a pipe.  If you have a small pipe (ie: bandwidth is low) you can only send a certain amount of information at one time.  If you have a bigger pipe, the amount that you can send at the same time is increased.  

Keep an eye on bandwidth

Streaming live video, uploading video and downloading video all takes bandwidth.  No matter what device you use.  Internet speed, the type of connection (broadband, DSL, etc.), quality of equipment and strength of your WiFi can all affect bandwidth. 

To support DirectCam on mobile and still deliver quality streaming, you will need enough bandwidth.  To quote our Technical Team:

To support these devices you need additional bandwidth over and above what is required for your normal video feed to desktop PCs.

For example:

  • To support iPhones you need 600 Kbps extra
  • To support iPads you need 350 Kbps
  • To support Android devices you need 300 Kbps”

Kbps stands for ‘kilobytes per second’.  So how can you check your bandwidth and find out if you have enough?

Log into JustCamIt, when you are logged in, you will see your “Connection Optimizer Report” on the right-hand side of the window.  

Now there’s a bit of math using the figures you see next to video bandwidth, audio bandwidth and upload bandwidth.  

The sum should be done in two parts. 

  1. Video Bandwidth + Audio Bandwidth = TOTAL
  2. Upload Bandwidth – TOTAL = Additional Available Bandwidth

So, if that additional available bandwidth figure is 600 or higher, for example, you know you can deliver quality camming for an iPhone/iPad/Android device.  

Easy right? But what if you discover you don’t have enough bandwidth but still want to support DirectCam on phones? Well, then you need to decide if you’re willing to sacrifice video and sound quality in order to support mobile.  

By opening JustCamIt and opening the ‘Video’ menu you can reduce video and audio quality, freeing up more bandwidth so it works on mobile.  But you won’t look or sound as great and may exclude yourself from clients searching for high-resolution video feeds.  

Have your bandwidth cake and eat it

We live in a modern, tech-friendly world meaning there’s a fix so you have enough bandwidth without sacrificing video quality.  The solution, so our tech team tell us, is getting a superfast broadband connection. One that supports at least 1.5Mbps upload (megabits per second).  Once you have this you can do HD video streaming on your desktop at around 700Kbps, leaving plenty clear for iPhones at 600Kbps.  

Check what devices are supported after any configuration changes by logging in to JustCamIt and then visiting your My Details Page.  The icons at the top will tell you which devices you can support.  

Getting the most from DirectCam

Dealing with the technical setup of DirectCam might not be your favourite part of the job, but offering the best quality possible increases your chance of people joining your live cam sessions.  Clients searching for cam services want reliable connections and clear images.  

Hopefully, we’ve answered all of your DirectCam questions in this article, but if you’re still scratching your head get in touch with our Help Centre.  

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