How To Be A Successful Webcam Model – The Ultimate Guide

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The Ultimate Guide to Webcam Modelling

Webcam Dos and Don’ts — how to rock your webcam business on

Looking to start a webcam business or push your webcamming ambitions further? Then you’re in the right place. has over 61,000 members and many of them know a thing or two about working in the webcam industry.

To kick off our Ultimate Guide to Webcam Modelling we asked some of our performers for their tips. They’ve offered advice on everything from equipment setup to staying safe.

We asked:

1. What’s your best webcam session tip?
2. Anything webcam models should avoid doing on cam?
3. What has been the biggest help to your webcam business?

Here’s what they had to say…


1. Do be consistent. Don’t reveal personal info

By Tiffany Naylor, @tiffanynaylorxx

“Make sure you do have a good camera and internet connection. People want to see as much of the action as possible without lagging or being disconnected.

Avoid accidentally revealing personal information. My cam room is also where I keep my snake tank. It’s behind me and reflects my screen. One guy asked if I was online shopping while talking to him. I was! Always be mindful of your surroundings. This is serious. Seeing my online shopping habits is one thing, but another colleague left a bank letter in view. It showed her real name and address. Everyone in her cam room saw it. Before going live do a quick sweep of your room to check what’s in shot.

The biggest help for my business is consistency. If you’re building up a regular business rather than camming in your spare time, set your cam hours and stick to them. Your client base will learn when you’re available and online. This creates a base of regulars, which is what you need.”

2. Do invest in lighting. Don’t be afraid to say “no”

By Hannah Brooks, @HannahBrooks25

“Good lighting makes a huge difference to your webcam image quality. Bad lighting results in a bad picture and that might put clients off. So do buy extra lighting for your cam room. I use LED panel lighting. Nothing too expensive — I spent about £150 on two light panels. For the best results, adjust the light intensity depending on the time of day and position them in front of you at an equal distance apart.

AdultWork Tip: Getting your cam room set up just-so will make logging in and starting work much easier. Learn more about setting up your home studio and kit you need to be a webcam model.

Avoid compromising on your limits. Know what you’re willing to do on camera and what you’re not and play within those boundaries. When starting out, it’s easy to worry about negative feedback. But for the sake of your mental wellbeing don’t let yourself be talked into doing something that’s not right for you. You can say “no” and you can turn down shows. There are plenty of other people who will want a show with you and won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

The biggest help for my business? Consistency. Whether it’s when you turn up on cam or on social media. Always set yourself a schedule and treat your business time with respect.”

3. Do get a great cam. Don’t forget free chat

By Cute Young Minx, @danni_mariexo

“Video quality is so important. So do invest in a great camera. I use a Logitech Brio webcam and it’s been my best business investment. Customers even compliment the quality of the stream! However, quality comes at a price and this is one of the more expensive webcams (around £200). If you can’t stretch to that, I suggest a Logitech C920 at the very least.

AdultWork tip: You can buy webcams in our Marketplace. Or add a camera to your wishlist so a client can gift it to you.

Avoid overworking. Don’t be afraid to take a few days to yourself each week. This lets you recharge your batteries, so when you’re on cam you’re refreshed and ready to go. Taking time off can impact earnings. If you’re worried about this, create a movie library. This way you can keep making sales even when you’re taking time for yourself.

The biggest help to my business is using all of my time to maximum effect. If it’s a little quiet don’t sit around doing nothing. Quieter moments are a great opportunity to dive into some self-promotion. Create some new content for your social channels, post a blog or log into free chat. Even if it’s just for five minutes. These are great ways to entice new clients so they notice your profile or get into a private or group session with you.”

4. Do show your personality. Don’t push your boundaries for money

By Rhiannon Ryder, @RyderRhiannon

Do express your personality. Viewers love seeing webcam performers who share a little insight into their personality and interests — sexual and otherwise. You might communicate this through the outfits you wear on camera or with the props in your room.

As Hannah has already said, don’t do anything on cam that you’re not comfortable with. Some clients might try to lure you in by offering extra money so you push those boundaries. Stand your ground. Do what makes you happy and always remember that you’re in charge of your body.

Promotion on social media and the advertising systems on have really benefited my business. Making use of the Featured Profile and DirectCam positioning have brought new clients to my profile and room.”

AdultWork Tip: If you’re growing your business and want to attract more clients, read our guide, ‘I’m on cam! How can I get more customers?

5. Do mix things up. Don’t be afraid to let off steam

By Devon Breeze, @DevonBreeze

“The best tip for webcam success is, be prepared and mix things up. Before starting work I pick out a selection of outfits and toys. Every couple of hours I make a change, which keeps things interesting for me and my clients. If you’re likely to get more unusual requests, extend your preparation so you’re ready to deal with a range of client requests that fall within your limits. For example, I keep balloons close to hand for looners and tights for nylon ripping enthusiasts. Or for those into sploshing and WAM (wet and messy) I’ve got squirty cream and chocolate sauce in a nearby cupboard.

Avoid isolating yourself. If you’ve had a tough day (maybe you’ve dealt with abusive, disrespectful people) don’t bottle it up. You’re entitled to have a good moan and chat with your friends or colleagues. It’s a great way to de-stress! If you’re new to the industry and don’t know anyone yet be brave and reach out. The majority of people in this industry are the nicest and just happy to help. We’re not in competition, we’re stronger as a community.

The best thing you can do for your business is to treat it as a business. So marketing is crucial. Use your social media links. Posting a show schedule to your accounts and including your AW link attracts clients. Plus, you can tie this in with the AdultWork schedule system, which helps with exposure on the main site. When you’re ready to go live, make a little promo video of your outfit and the toys you have available, then get posting with your link just before (or after) you log in.”

6. Do check out the competition. Don’t pick up your phone when working

By Amica Bentley, @kinkydirtybitch

“One of the best things you can do for your business is scoping out the competition to get an idea of what’s working and, just as importantly, see what’s not. There’s no shame in having an awareness of what your fellow models are doing and you can be absolutely certain they’re doing the same.

AdultWork Tip: Competitor analysis is an important part of marketing. The skill is working out the trends and finding an original way to make them your own.

This leads me onto my next tip for a successful webcam session and dressing the part. Obvious clobber is not the only choice. Mix it up by dressing in sexy sportswear or tanks which look hot when teamed with stockings or a pretty pair of bare legs.

What should you avoid? Don’t sit on cam scrolling through your phone. When you’re on cam, you’re on cam. Put your phone away. Even if your phone’s out of shot, keeping it nearby can still be a distraction. Clients will pick up on your body language – all those little glances at the screen – that your attention is elsewhere. Is that the impression you want to give? Or do you want to show them you’re a horny little minx who’s raring to go!”

7. Do know your services. Don’t moan on socials

By Abby_D, @The_Abby_D

“If you’re providing specialised services, do make sure you’re confident and knowledgeable about everything you offer. Clients expect you to be the expert and they want to know they are spending their credits and time with the webcam model who can best satisfy their needs. So if you’re specialising, make sure you understand what’s required. If you’re unsure take some time to educate yourself before offering it as a specialised service. Or find support from a colleague who’s willing to help. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Speaking of colleagues and friends, keep your circle of vanilla friends. Don’t let your relationships with them drift. It’s easy to get caught up in the virtual webcamming world so IRL connections are even more important.

If there’s one thing you should avoid, it’s moaning about business on your social media channels. This isn’t hot and could give clients the impression you don’t enjoy your job.”

8. Do treat webcamming like a business. Avoid looking unhappy

By Latino Mama, @latinogotsoles

Consistency is the biggest factor in making your business successful.  You should go online as much as your lifestyle allows you to and treat this as a proper business (it can certainly make you as much money if not more than any other business I know of).  When you have some free time, utilise your time to respond to emails from clients who’ve enjoyed your shows, leave feedback, create content (pictures and videos), write blogs, add to your socials and catch up on admin.

You should avoid looking unhappy, tired, or bored.  If you are not in the right mindset your clients will pick up on this so make sure you in the right mood to be bubbly and energetic.  If this means taking a day or two off to recharge then do it.  A client wants to feel like you are there having fun, not just in it for the money which can be obvious if your heart is not in it.”

AdultWork Tip: The highest earners on DirectCam all use DirectCam Positioning on a regular basis. See our ‘how to’ video here.

Add your webcam tips and help build our Ultimate Guide to Webcam Modelling

We know that our members know their stuff better than anyone when it comes to webcamming. We also know that you’re a friendly, helpful bunch.

With your assistance, we’d like to offer more tips so the guide becomes a huge truthful, useful resource for webcam performers. By sharing what does and doesn’t work we can strengthen our community, improve our businesses, help industry newbies and even spot areas where we can do things better on Our aim is to make your lives even easier.

The advice from these five contributors is just the start.

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6. What should webcam models avoid doing on cam?

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