What do I need to be a webcam performer on AdultWork.com?

We've updated the DirectCam broadcaster which doesn’t rely on Flash player.  You can use it from your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Two-way cam should be a much better experience as well.  Read the 'DirectCam Helper' guide here.

What hardware do I need?


A PC running Windows is preferable but there are options for Mac users, read on!


If you’re using a laptop the chances are there is a built in webcam but to offer a better experience you should use an external USB webcam.

As with all things computing, the more you spend the better it will be.  Stick with Logitech webcams that start at about £20.

Later on we’ll talk about competing for business with other webcam performers.  If you can afford a HD webcam, then get one.  If not, it won’t be long before you can!  A decent webcam will set you back around £50.


There’s probably an adequate one built into your laptop or webcam.  Professionals will use a separate one to give really good audio and reduce feedback (noise picked up on the microphone from the speakers).


What other hardware is useful?

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

When you are performing you are not going to want to keep going back to your PC to read and reply to messages.  Of course you can set your “studio” up however you like, but most people find that a wireless keyboard and mouse give them the flexibility to type without having to sit up or go to the PC.  You can pick up a nice matching twin pack (keyboard and mouse) for about £30.

Studio Light

We talk about lighting below but if you can afford it a studio light would be worth having.  They’re not as expensive as you might think, starting at about £20.

Ethernet Cable

Running a cable from your PCs Ethernet port to your Internet router will save you a whole load of frustration with interference and buffering.  You can pick these up in supermarkets for a few quid.  Get a long one!


I’ve bought all that stuff from Amazon, what’s next?

You need a good Internet connection.  ISPs like BT and Virgin Media are forever quoting “download speeds”.  This is important for home users as this is how quickly they can download the great movie clips available at AdultWork.com… ok ok… how quickly you can binge-watch those box sets on Netflix!

BUT – you are not watching Netflix.  You are the host of your own Adult TV channel and as such you need a really good “upload speed”.  The ISPs rarely mention this figure when they’re doing the hard sell.

You need an upload speed of at least 512Kbps.  That’s half a megabit in computer speak.  Most people should be able to pull this off, save perhaps the Highlands and Islands.  The easiest way to check what you have to run a speed test at https://www.speedtest.net/.

If your speed test does not yield the desired results, it may be worth looking at a 3G/4G dongle.  Often mobile phone providers and connections are able to beat traditionally wired (buried in the street) solutions.

We probably shouldn’t say this, but in our experience due to the fact it is “cable”, Virgin Media would be our provider of choice.  BT aren’t bad but, for Internet, Virgin seem to be better.  (Haters, don’t be hating, that’s just in our experience!  Yes, the BT fibre offering isn’t bad either.)

Remember – if you’re in a shared house you will be sharing your available speeds with everyone else.  If you have a PlayStation or Xbox or any other connected device, be mindful of how much bandwidth (speed) they’re using.  Even when in rest mode they’re capable of downloading game updates.


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