DIY Tips to Make the Sexiest Solo Video

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A solo video can be a great way to increase your exposure and reach out to newer audiences, especially if you’re a cam girl or high-class escort. Solo videos can be incredibly hot because rather than telling the other person what you want, you show them. And there’s no limit to what you could do on the video (within reason, of course). The only thing is that it is only as sexy as your delivery of the content.

So, how do you make sure that your solo video is the sexiest it can be? Or that it is a teaser that will motivate viewers to connect with you? Here are some DIY tips on just this.


Create the Setting

Where will you shoot the video? Is your bedroom the first thought that comes to mind? You aren’t alone. But do you really want strangers to see your actual bedroom? You might just end up capturing personal photographs or clues to your address in the video. Of course, you can still use the bedroom but choose a private corner without any personal belongings. Basically, you need a space where you won’t be disturbed and one that you can set up perfectly for your video.

This also helps make sure that the background and foreground aren’t cluttered. Any clutter will take the attention off you. In fact, a plain wall as the background can ensure that nothing distracts your viewers. If you can’t find a space that is free of your personal effects, then make sure to use a free retouching app, such as Airbrush, to blur out such items.

Create the right ambience by throwing some blankets on the floor, decorating the wall with fairy lights and playing romantic music in the background. If your video is a role play, you might want to add elements from that story.


Set the Lighting

While you might not want a big and bright spotlight on you, it is important to set up the lighting in a way that highlights your angles and poses. While natural light is the best option, overhead ceiling lights can be very unflattering. So, consider investing in affordable lighting options like “selfie lights” or a mini ring light and tripod. You can also use lamps strategically. Create warm lighting to set the ambience.

If the lighting still isn’t ideal, try low-light video apps, such as Night Mode.


Practice Your Poses

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Making a solo sex video is one place where you shouldn’t wing it. Practice poses and angles in front of a mirror to check what makes you look really sexy and highlights your assets. You can also practice filming yourself. You don’t need to film an entire video. Even a minute-long video can help you understand your best angles.

This will also tell you which body parts to keep front and centre – in the limelight – for maximum effect. Practice teasing or coy poses, sneak peeks for the audience, some close-ups and more.


Setting Up the Camera

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You don’t need expensive equipment to create a really hot video. A smartphone with a good camera, a webcam or a DSLR will all work. The key is to set up the device in the right place and at the right height. If you’re using a smartphone, you might want to invest in an adjustable tripod. You could also consider propping up the device (phone, laptop or DSLR) on books, side tables, etc. The key is to not make it look too amateurish.

Again, practice will help you find the right position for the camera. Experiment with different heights and angles. See what is most flattering and use that. Also, where you position the camera will depend on what you wish to highlight. For instance, if you want to show off voluptuous curves, you might find an upward camera angle flattering. Incorporating different perspectives and angles could also make your video more interesting. So, do a mix of full-body shots, close-ups of different body parts, mid-body shots, etc.

If you’re giving a sexy narration with the video, keep the camera position more intimate for a sexy vibe.

Bonus Tip: Look into the camera as often as you can, rather than staring at yourself. This will give the impression that you are directly looking into the eyes of the viewer. This can be a very sexy experience for your audience.


Dress the Part

Even if you plan to include nudity in the video, start off with some sexy lingerie to create a teaser. If you’re role playing, invest in the right outfit. Of course, it doesn’t need to be the most expensive lingerie or cosplay outfit to make an impression. It finally comes down to how you use the outfit to titillate the viewer. You could even consider clothes you would wear in real life but a sexier version that highlights your curves.

The key is to wear something you are comfortable with. If the outfit is too tight or uncomfortable, it will come through in the video. Also, don’t forget your hair and makeup. You don’t always have to go all out with this, sometimes less is more. Your hair can also be natural, like a messy bun or a damp look. Just make sure it doesn’t come in the way of your poses.


Most Importantly – Have Fun!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you aren’t comfortable being completely naked, don’t. You can always push your limits over time and as you gain confidence. When you’re having fun, it shows. Your audience will enjoy themselves even more when they see how much you are enjoying creating the video. Did you know that people actually enjoy content that looks more amateur than those created by jaded professionals?

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to edit the video once it’s done. Use a free app, such as Slice, to zoom in and out, remove bits or play the video at different speeds. Maybe even add a soundtrack for a complete viewing experience.


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