Boost your Income by Promoting Yourself

Have you ever wondered how you can boost your online income with minimal effort? has a range of great in-site features to help you achieve your goals for your online business.

Your profile has great exposure potential and many ways of making money online.  During the current pandemic, that’s got to be appealing right?  In this guide, we’ll explain some of the top features available for members, including some handy ‘How To’ videos.  Read on for more.

The basics

We recommend completing the following steps that will give your profile the best exposure (for free)

  • Ensure your profile details and profile summary are complete here
  • Make sure all three of your profile picture slots are filled, you can do that here
  • Add Gallery pictures (free to view) for members to get a glimpse of what they can look forward to here
  • Add Private Gallery pictures (pay to view) for your customers to purchase here – take note of the Twitter information above the uploader, we’ll touch more on Twitter further down this guide 

  • Become a Verified Member, you can do this on your Member Verification page here
  • Upload your Movie clips here
  • Complete your Interview – this feature is underrated but important for your profile to appear in as many searches as possible. Complete it here.

Appear on the Home page

To get the best exposure for your profile, appearing on the Home page is the best way to get the maximum exposure when you appear as Member of the Day.  If you bid on one of our Member of the Day slots and win, your profile will be displayed on the Home page here.  If you’ve got your external advertising enabled, we also give the Members of the Day a shout-out on Twitter* on weekdays.  Here’s an example from when JoannaLovell was the DirectCammer of the Day 

Our ‘How To’ video below will show you how to bid on a Member of the Day slot.


Why not take a look at our previous guide, ‘What is Member of the Day and why should I bid for it?’.  Within this guide, you’ll see some real-world figures on the extra earning potential Member of the Day gives you.

I offer DirectCam, how can I boost my income?

Great question! Did you know the top-earning DirectCammers regularly use DirectCam Positioning at multiple times throughout the day?  DirectCam Positioning is a great tool available to you to bump yourself up the DirectCam pages to be seen first.

Check out our handy ‘How To’ video below.


DirectCam Positioning is a sealed bid system where you bid an amount without knowing what other members bid.  Members appear around the Site in the order of their bid amounts.  You can place a bid for DirectCam Positioning here.

AdultWork Tip: Purchase multiple timeslots to ensure your profile appears higher up the pages for longer

What about DirectChat and Phone Chat?

As with DirectCam, you can use the DirectChat positioning page to bump yourself up the DirectChat pages here

Phone Chat is a different area though, head to the ‘Feature your Profile’ page here and select the Phone Chat dropdown.  Once you’ve bid and featured your profile, you’ll appear on the ‘Featured’ tab on the Phone Chat pages.

Feature your content

Featuring your content is a great way to increase its exposure.  You can feature your Movie Library here – you’ll have the option to feature a specific movie, show the latest upload, or let the system pick one at random.  To feature your Private Gallery, go here. The selection of which picture to display is either random or based on the most recently uploaded picture or the most recent from an album you designate (The random (or latest upload) selection only takes place about every 10 minutes or so).  

External Promotion

Okay, so we’ve touched on Twitter and external advertising above, now it’s time to learn how to make the most out of Twitter and external advertising.  We have a Help Centre Article titled ‘Getting the most out of Twitter and the Site’, it’s really worth taking the time to read.

It’s also a good time to talk about the Member Referral Scheme, we’ve previously published a Guide on the Member Referral Scheme, take a look at it here.  In a nutshell, the Member Referral Scheme rewards you with credits every time someone who comes to the Site from one of your links and subsequently buys credits.  For every credit they purchase, you will receive a percentage of that amount as credits. You can then use these credits on the Site or withdraw as part of our Shared Revenue Scheme.

External Advertising Settings

On your Edit Profile page here, you’ll see that there’s a couple of options on the General tab

The optimal settings are shown above.  Ensure you have your ‘Social Media Advertising’ box ticked and leave your ‘Other Sites’ un-ticked.  This will ensure we can create a Member of the Day or Birthday card for you for Twitter.

If you tick ‘Other Sites’, unfortunately, we won’t be able to create a Member of the Day, or Birthday, card for you as this uses the API – don’t worry, you’ll still appear on the Home page though.  You can read more about the API on the Developers Site here.

AdultWork Tip: For your profile or your content to be considered for our advertising and marketing campaigns, leave ‘Other Sites unticked and tick ‘Social Media Advertising’!


As per our Help Centre Article, ‘Getting the most out of Twitter and the Site’, Twitter is a great addition to promoting your profile.  Just make sure you’re following @AdultWorkcom and have your profile link (or Referral link) in your Twitter Bio and you’re set!  Ensuring you have your profile link or Referral link in your Bio will mean that anyone coming to from Twitter will be directed directly to your profile (or to the page you want them to if you’re using a referral link to certain page).


We hope this brief guide will help you grow your online business and earn you the money you deserve.  For further in-depth reading on the subjects covered in this guide, check out these articles:


*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government are still advising that everyone continues to act carefully and remain cautious.  When the Government have lifted all restrictions we will be in a position to look at reinstating the Escort of the Day shout outs on Twitter.  The health of our members is of the utmost importance.


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