Member Referral Scheme – what’s it all about?

Did you know there’s a risk-free, easy way to earn additional credits on  One that doesn’t require you to do anything but set up a unique link and use it everywhere you advertise your services or post online?  You do now, read on for more details…

What is the Member Referral Scheme?

In a nutshell, the Member Referral Scheme rewards you with credits every time someone who comes to the Site from one of your links buys credits.  For every credit they purchase, you will receive a percentage of that amount as credits. You can then use these credits on the Site or withdraw as part of our Shared Revenue Scheme.  It’s like being a ‘middle-man’ and getting paid to bring new Users to the Site.


I’m not very technical, will I still be able to use this?

Yes.  We have designed the member referral scheme to be as simple as possible.  We have a selection of links ready to be copied and pasted to wherever you want to display them.  Your User ID will automatically be displayed in your links which is what we use to track visitors.  If you are more tech-savvy, you can use a tool such as to shorten your unique URL, making it more friendly to read or enticing to click, while still keeping it valid.


Now that I’ve created my link, where can I use it?

Your link can literally be used anywhere you like.  You can have it in your social media bios, use it on all your social media posts, use it as your email signature, heck, you could even write it on a letter and post it to Brad Pitt (not recommended).  Most members who currently use the scheme have it all over their social media accounts. This is one of the most likely places to attract new visitors to the Site. It should go without saying that you should only use it on sites intended for an adult audience, but we said it anyway. Your unique link is used automatically on your exclusive FREE website provided by  Keep reading for information on ‘My Adult Site’.


What if I don’t have much content available to buy?

If you’re just starting out on or if you don’t have much content such as Movies or Private Galleries, don’t let that put you off.  If you bring a new User to the Site using your referral link, they don’t necessarily have to buy your content for you to earn Credits. Sure, the perfect scenario is that they only spend money on your cam shows or your content, but even if they spend their credits elsewhere on the Site you still get your reward.  You earn credits for every credit they purchase, not what they spend those credits on.


Are there any limitations to this Scheme?

To make the scheme viable, there are certain rules that must be adhered to in order to successfully receive your credits.  As with all web-based referral schemes, we use cookies to track who referred the visitor until they register a new account.  If a visitor you refer does not register on their first visit and before their next visit to the Site they clear their cookies or uses a different device to register, they will not be tracked and therefore will not be assigned to you.  They must also register within one month of being tracked.

Once a new User is assigned to you, you will continue to receive a percentage of any credits they purchase for 6 months.  After that time, they are considered an established User and you will stop receiving credits from their credit purchases.  Due to some rules and regs, we can’t pay out on credits purchased via SMS.


How, what and when do I get paid for this?

Referral payouts are made every month, directly into your Credits Account.

The current levels of referral are:

  • Level 1 which is currently 3%
  • Level 2 which is currently 1%

Level 1 referrals are when someone clicks on your link, registers on the Site and purchases credits. Level 2 referrals are when that new visitor you got to sign up, uses the Referral Scheme themselves, and entices another new visitor to sign up and buy credits.

That’s a bit confusing, please explain!

Joe Bloggs is looking through your Twitter bio, he likes what he sees (who doesn’t!) and he clicks on your link.  Your link has been set-up to direct him to your own FREE website.  He is looking through your website and really wants to view that Movie you uploaded last week (you know, the one with the **** and the ****).  So, he registers as a new User and purchases 100 Credits.  Boom!  You just earned 3 credits (3% of 100 credits on Level 1) in a matter of minutes on top of the credits you received from the sale of the actual movie.  And, yes, while you’re still fast asleep in bed.

A couple of weeks later Joe has really got the hang of and sets up his own referral URL and puts that on his Facebook page.  The next day his mate Fred Smith clicks the link from Joe’s Facebook page and registers on himself.  That night, when the Mrs is in bed, he loads up 200 credits to have a steamy cam show with the DirectCammer of the Day.

As a result, you have just earned a further 2 credits (1% of 200 credits on Level 2) from this and Fred Smith doesn’t even know who you are!  Meanwhile, Joe has purchased a further 500 credits over the last week earning you another 15 credits (3% of 500 credits on Level 1).

Remember, this has all stemmed from you putting a simple link on your Twitter bio.  You can quickly see how all of this can add up if you were to have only a few new referrals each week.  Have a look at our current Referrals Leaderboard to see which members are making it work for them.  All you have to do is land a few DirectCam High Rollers and your referral income will make up a significant proportion of your earning potential.


3 percent?  Is that it?

On the surface, 3% and 1% does sound like we’re being a bit tight but as you know, is not your average platform. pays out 70% to all the performers and content providers.  Of the remaining 30% that is used to pay the Team and all the associated running costs, 3% is actually 10% of what we have to play with.  So, of the 100 credits that Joe Bloggs purchased, 70 credits will go to a performer or content producer and of the remaining 30 credits, we pay you 3 credits.  As with all things, this is about a little and often.  By the time you’ve referred 10, 20 or 30 visitors the work involved will easily be repaid.


But I am a serious affiliate player, I can bring you LOADS of traffic

Cool, let’s talk.  We’re not against discussing these percentages with people that have a proven track record or even discussing PPC or pay per sign-up/registration.


How else can I make the Member Referral Scheme work for me?  (My Adult Sites)

Good question!  As of December 2018, now provide all of our members with their own FREE website.  You can read a bit more about that on the Site’s What’s New Page, but for now, we’ll show you how it works for the referral scheme.  On your website (which is simply nickname or user ID) all links that go to the main Site will contain your unique member referral code.  What this means for you is that you can advertise your own ‘My Adult Site’ website on your own social media accounts, then when a new visitor registers through your site, you reap the rewards.

Anyone using the auto-tweets when uploading their movies or with their DirectCam events will also be referring people by default.  Most of the links are set-up to pay you for anyone that uses them.

It’s often an overused cliché “Win-win” but honestly, you have nothing to lose and much to gain by making use of the Referral Scheme.


For your links and referral stats visit the Member Referral Page.

Read about the changes to My Adult Site in our What’s New section that means you can have one for free.

Link shortening using, turn ‘’ into ‘ -‘ 


I’m a legend at all this stuff, feed me…

Developers Area Referral Scheme.

My Adult Sites – Personal, Group or Clip Store.

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