A Guide for Advertisers and Performers – What is Member of the Day and why should I bid for it?

Member of the Day slots appear on the Home Page, it’s the first page that everyone sees when they log in.

At the time of writing, AdultWork.com has over 4 million members, with over 250,000 logging in every month.

That’s a whole lot of members who get to see Members of the Day before any other profiles.


Why do I keep seeing the same members advertising on Member of the Day?

The members who appear regularly on these slots are clued up and know exactly what works for them.

Not only do their bookings and cam/phone chat sessions increase, but the increased exposure results in considerably more private gallery subscriptions and movie views.  The increase in content sales alone is often enough (more than enough) to cover the cost of this advertising.


I heard it wasn’t worthwhile, can you prove it?

Don’t believe everything you read or hear.  For some with little or no content, it might not have been worthwhile.  For others, they might just not want the extra competition you’re going to give them.

Here’s a couple of real examples from October & November 2018 (member usernames hidden for their privacy):

In the 7 days prior to their ‘Escort of the Day’ listing, ‘Member A’ earned an average of 121.51 credits per day from content sales

Member A won ‘Escort of the Day’ at a price of – 126 credits

On the day when member A was ‘Escort of the Day’, their content sales rocketed to 347.99 credits. A huge 180% increase

This was before even taking into account the extra bookings they saw that day


In the 7 days prior to their ‘DirectCammer of the Day’ listing, ‘Member B’ earned an average of 66.91 credits per day from content sales

Member B won ‘DirectCammer of the Day’ at a price of – 65 credits

On the day when member B was ‘DirectCammer of the Day’, their content sales soared to 212.78 credits. A whopping 220% increase

This was before even taking into account the extra webcam sessions they saw that day

All these slots have a knock-on effect after the slot has ended.  Many customers will add you to their Hotlists on the day and come back to your profile at a later date and you’ll also appear in the Member of the Day archive for 30 days.


This sounds exciting – what do I need to do to my profile before I bid for one of these slots?

If you have content that you have not yet added to your Profile, do it now:

  • Add pictures to your private gallery
  • Add movie clips to your movie library
  • Take this opportunity to run through the Profile Wizard to ensure that you have filled out every possible piece of profile information, that might make the difference between a booking, session or content sale, or not.

It is also worth taking the time to enrich your profile with the following:

  • FAQs – Provide answers in advance to questions you are often asked
  • Erotica – add some naughty stories or content to your profile
  • Blog – talk to your followers about what you get up to each day
  • Free Gallery – make sure you don’t have too many pictures in your free gallery.  Use this area to entice visitors to subscribe to your private gallery.  No more than 30 pictures should be added and restrict the levels of nudity and use the descriptions to make it clear what the visitor can find in your private gallery.  (Tidy up your free gallery via your My Details Page.)


OK, I’ve updated my profile, added some great content, how do I get on the Home Page?

Member of the Day slots are auctioned and end daily at :

16:30 hrs for Escort of the Day

17:00 hrs for Content Creator of the Day

17:30 hrs for DirectCammer of the Day

18:00 hrs for Phone Chatter of the Day

18:30 hrs for Group of the Day

They work in a similar way as many other auction sites that you’re probably familiar with.

You can bid for any slot. Please only bid for those slots where you actually offer that particular service.

Stay tuned into the auctions as the bidding can get ferocious near the end.


On weekdays, we give a shout out to our Members of the Day on Twitter*.  Make sure you’ve linked your Twitter account to your AdultWork.com profile, read about how to do this here.

In order to be featured on the AdultWork.com Twitter feed as one of our Members of the Day, head over to the General Tab on your Edit Profile Page here and tick the box “External Advertising – Allow my Profile” then save.  If you don’t tick that External Advertising box, we can’t give you a shout out on Twitter!

Read all about what happens when you tick the external advertising box here.

I bid, I won, did it work for me?

Your Credits Activity Report shows when you are Member of the Day, Available Today and Featured.  You can easily see how successful these promotional features were for you.



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