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We’ve been developing a new DirectCam broadcaster and player as the current JCI version uses Flash (which goes out of service at the end of this year). As more and more members move over to the new DirectCam broadcaster, you might notice a few changes.  In this short guide, we’ll tell you all about the fresh new look and how to use the new DirectCam player.

Watch DirectCam from any device

You can view DirectCam from any device.  The new DirectCam player no longer relies on Flash, which should give you a superior experience viewing DirectCam.  This also includes participating in 2-way cam*.

*APPLE NON-SAFARI BROWSERS - Due to Apple's device/browser security, consumers can use non-Safari browsers to view all cams but will need to use Safari browsers to participate in two-way cam.

What software do I need to download?

Nothing at all. You may need to adjust your browser permissions to allow access to your webcam and microphone, you can see our guide on this here.  Simply hit the picture or the name of the DirectCammer you want to view and the new player will launch.

How do I use the controls?

The controls are laid out in an easy-to-use format.  Depending on the device you’re using, you may see the buttons in a slightly different location on the screen, however, they’re the same across devices.

We’re going to focus this guide on the mobile version of the new DirectCam player as we’re sure it’s going to be the go-to choice for members viewing DirectCam.

Free preview

If the member you’ve selected offers free preview, you will automatically see their live camera feed along with a welcome message.


If you want to take a user into Group mode, simply tap the Group button.  You’ll see a pop-up notification confirming you wish to take this member into Group mode.


Do you want a member all to yourself?  This is where Private mode comes into play.  Tap the Private button.  Again, you’ll see a pop-up notification confirming you wish to take this member into Private mode.


Ok, so you want to show your cammer a little more appreciation?  Hit the Tip button and you’ll see a pop-up asking you to confirm the amount you want to tip the member and asking you to confirm you understand the conditions.

Once the tip has been processed by the system, you’ll receive a notification within the chat log confirming your tip has been processed.

Two-way DirectCam

Do you want to show yourself off too?  Simply ask the member to open your cam, once they have requested to see your cam, you’ll get a notification asking you to accept or reject the two-way cam request (two-way cam is only available in Group and Private modes).  Remember, you don’t have to show yourself off but now the options always there (only the member performing for you can see your camera).

Need to change some settings?

You can do this using the settings button to the right of your screen.  Within the settings menu, you’ll be able to choose which camera (front or rear) and microphone you want your device to use.


This is also how you would leave a session (paid or free).  Make sure you don’t just head onto another tab within your browser, you may still be connected to the cammer if you don’t end the session.


We hope you enjoy using the new DirectCam player to see all of your favourite cammers, gone are the days of Flash issues and being tied to a PC.  Of course, if you want to use your PC or Mac, you can.  The new DirectCam player has been designed to give users a great experience, regardless of your device.

There’s a red feedback tab on the new Player where you can let us know about the things you love or if there’s any features you would like to be included in the future.


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