New DirectCam Broadcaster

We’re super pleased to announce that the new DirectCam Broadcaster is here!  In this guide, we’ll tell you all about the fresh new look and how to use it.

Perform on DirectCam from any device

Wait, what?  Yes, you can finally perform on any device.  This includes starting a two-way cam session.

Where do I download the new DirectCam software?

There’s no need to download anything as the new DirectCam broadcaster works from within your browser.  You may need to adjust your browser permissions to allow access to your webcam and microphone, you can see our guide on this here.  The link to the new broadcaster is at the bottom of this page but we recommend reading the guide in full before heading over to the new broadcaster.

Known issues *a must read*

Listed below are any issues or bugs that our technical team are aware of.  We’ll continue to update this section when these are resolved or if a bug appears from the broadcaster.

AUDIO IN FREE PREVIEW - RESOLVED - The sending of audio gets disabled correctly if configured in your DirectCam settings.
OVERLAPPING TEXT (MAC OSX) - RESOLVED - The chat log text now appears correctly for Macs.
GROUP MEMBERS - RESOLVED - If your Group Manager has disabled your ability to login via you can now login using the broadcaster direct option.
MUTING YOUR MIC - RESOLVED - A 'mute' button has been added to the broadcaster and you'll see this in your video feed. If it's green, your audio is being sent, if it's red, you've muted yourself.
FREE PREVIEW IN DIRECTIM - RESOLVED - All modes in DirectIM now work correctly.
AUTO RECONNECT - This facility is now available for Hosts and is switched on by default. If you deliberately disconnect it won't automatically reconnect you. You can turn the slider on/off at any time from Settings/'Other'. This isn't currently available if your Group Manager has disabled your ability to login via but we're looking at that possibility soon.
APPLE NON-SAFARI BROWSERS - Any hosts wishing to provide a cam session from their Apple device will need to use the Safari browser to broadcast.  Any consumers can use non-Safari browsers to view but will need to use Safari browsers to participate in two-way cam.

How do I use the controls?

The controls for PC and Mac are exactly the same.  For the first time ever, Mac and PC users get the same DirectCam experience.

In order to start broadcasting, you’ll need to allow the broadcaster to use your webcam and microphone.  Once you’ve allowed your browser access to your webcam and microphone, you’re ready to adjust any settings required.  Use the options button to access the Settings menu.

Within the Settings menu, you’ll get three tabs, ‘Devices’, ‘Chat’ and ‘Sounds’.  You can select your desired settings from within.  We’ll show you the mobile options below, these are the same as on PC & Mac.

The controls for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad & Android) are all very similar to the PC and Mac controls. You’ll get an extra set of icons, as listed below.

Now you’ve saved your settings, you’re ready to start broadcasting, you simply need to hit the ‘Start’ button that appears at the top of the window.  This will appear across all devices and it’s essential to start broadcasting.  This is like logging into the old JCI software.

If you offer free previews to your customers, you’ll see ‘FREE PREVIEW’ appear where it previously stated ‘OFFLINE’.  If you don’t offer free previews to your customers and no one is viewing your DirectCam, you’ll see ‘WAITING’.

What are the different colours?

Grey – Offline  |  Green – Waiting or Free Preview  |  Yellow – Group Mode  |  Red – Private Mode

Accepting Group and Private modes

When one of your customers wants to enter Group or Private mode, you’ll see a pop-up (like the one below) asking you to accept or reject the request.  If you want to accept, simply hit the accept button or alternatively, if you want to reject the request, hit reject.

Two-way cam

Ok, so you want to see your customer too?  In the connections window (under your camera feed image on desktop or users list button mobile), you’ll see the customers username (two-way cam will only work in Group and Private modes).  Hit their username and you’ll see the option to request a two-way session with them.  Similarly to when you receive a Group or Private request, your customer will receive a notification asking them if they want to accept or reject this two-way session.  If they accept, you’ll shortly be able to see their camera.  If they don’t, you’ll be notified that this two-way session has ended within the chat log.

Kicking, banning and un-banning members

Kicking and banning

Unfortunately, there’s sometimes a reason to kick or ban a member from your DirectCam sessions.  You can kick a member (removes them from the session) or ban a member (removes them from the session and prevents them re-entering) by hitting their username in the connections window.  You’ll then see these options available.

Kicked or banned a member accidentally?

On PC and Mac, you’ll see the option to un-kick or un-ban members from your ‘Kicked List’, which can be found under the options menu.

On mobile devices, you’ll see the same options menu and Kicked List

This will open up the ‘Kicked List’.  Select the member you wish to un-kick or un-ban and you’ll get a pop-up asking you to confirm this action.

Session Financials

When a member leaves a paid session, you’ll see your gross earnings for the session in the bottom-left window (PC or Mac).

The new DirectCam player shows you what mode you earned your credits in, these are colour coded to make it easy to see (Yellow – Group Mode  |  Red – Private Mode).

Auto reconnect

If you’re disconnected from the server, the broadcaster will now attempt to auto reconnect you.  You’ll see the pop-up below.  Don’t worry, if you’ve hit the ‘Stop’ button, you won’t be automatically reconnected.

If you do not wish for the broadcaster to auto reconnect you, you can turn it off within the broadcaster settings menu, ‘Other; tab.  By default, this is on for all users:

Ok, ready to give it a go?

Simply head here to start using the new DirectCam broadcaster (make sure you’re logged into your account before clicking it).

Need some further help?

Check out our DirectCam Troubleshooter here it even includes a built-in speed tester.  We’ve also added a Help guide into the broadcaster, the video below will show you how to access this.

All finished up for the day?

It’s as simple as hitting the ‘Stop’ button and closing your browser window.


Gone are the days of being chained to your PC, think of the possibilities of where you could cam from, hopefully earning you more than ever before!


We'll be making tweaks along the way.  If you've got any comments or issues, please leave feedback using the red 'Feedback' tab that appears when you're using the broadcaster.


DirectCam Helper

DirectCam Broadcaster Permissions Help


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