International Women’s Day 2019

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Supporting International Women’s Day by working for balance

Striving for equality in the workplace is an issue many industries are trying to address, the adult industry included. But weeding out gender bias so all employees have the chance to work in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable and productive is still a way off — especially in our industry, which has its own unique struggles with workplace gender equality.

Change is happening. Steadily, as a society we’re finding our voice and talking more about stamping out gender bias in order to achieve gender equality. We think this year’s theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) is an opportunity to push the conversations further.

On Friday 8th March people across the world will celebrate IWD and it’s 2019 theme, #BalanceForBetter.

As explained on the official website, “A balanced world is a better world,” not just for women. But for all genders. Gender balance isn’t solely a women’s issue. For change to positively affect how people are treated in general — both inside and outside the work place — this conversation has to include everyone.

The #BalanceForBetter campaign asks us to consider how each of us can contribute in the creation of a more gender-balanced world. One that’s celebrates achievements, raises awareness against bias and takes action for equality.


How and why supports International Women’s Day and #BalanceForBetter

The AdultWork platform launched at a time when women engaging in consensual sex work wanted to be able to carry out their profession on their own terms. While there are still imbalances in our industry, we are trying — with your help — to make sure those scales become balanced. And we’re happy to say, it seems to be working. Not just for female sex workers, but for all genders.

While AdultWork is still predominantly used by female sex workers, we’ve seen that it’s possible for us to become a #BalanceForBetter platform. There are now 16,900 male sex workers and 2,500 transgender sex workers with an account, compared to the first few years when there were only a few hundred in each group.

We’re proud that we’re providing an online workplace where consenting sex workers of all genders feel comfortable and make use of.


How are you getting involved with International Women’s Day?

Whether it’s attending a march, posting a #BalanceForBetter selfie on your social channels, appreciating the women in your life, or answering the question, “how can I help create a more gender-balanced world?”, there’s lots of quick, easy and practical ways to get involved with IWD 2019.

We’d love to hear what you’re doing. Get in touch with us on twitter and let us know, or tag us in your #BalanceForBetter snaps.


Want to know more about gender equality and sex work?

It’s a complex topic — more than we can cover in this post. If you’re interested in learning more about the type of gender equality struggles faced by consenting sex workers, take a read of NSWP’s Sex Work and Gender Equality policy.

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