10 Reasons to be a Cammer in 2022

In today’s economy, who doesn’t need a side hustle, right? The beauty of side hustles is that they can be as interesting and rewarding as you want them to be. Take the life of a web cammer, for instance. Not only do you get to show-off your best assets, but you also feel great about yourself when you build up a loyal client base.

Worried about how the world will react to this side gig? Camming is much more common today than it has ever been. In fact, statistics show that the past two years have seen a permanent spike in the number of cam-girls, making camming much more than just a side gig.

If you sign up with a trusted adult site, your camming career could really take off.  Still unsure? Here are 10 reasons why camming is a rapidly growing career option in 2022.

1.    Better devices to shoot at lower prices

The explosion of mobile phone cameras and greater accessibility to high-quality gear has revolutionised how we document, record and express ourselves. With phone cameras increasingly getting better, you don’t have to worry about making a big investment in high-end cameras and lighting equipment. All you need is a device with a good camera and a private space where you won’t be disturbed for the duration that you are online. Instead, use your money on acquiring outfits that will enhance your performance.

2.    Work from home, or anywhere

Why take the trouble of commuting long distances for a job that’s boring and stressful? You can do what you’re good at right from home. By becoming a cam girl, you gain the flexibility to fix your own timing, set up your own spaces and work the hours that are most convenient for you. Just make sure you are consistent with your timing, so that your clients know when you will be online. Plus, you get to have fun trying out different settings, characters, role plays and much more.

3.    It is totally safe

There are two ways in which you can ensure you remain safe as a cammer. Firstly, make sure you choose a site that uses high-end security measures to keep you and your clients safe. Secondly, host your sessions in a space where there are no personal effects, including photographs. Don’t give away your real name, address or even the broad geographical area. Make sure the view outside your window doesn’t make your location identifiable. Finally, when you first start out, don’t hesitate to ask more experienced cammers on the site for their advice and suggestions to maintain safety, maximise earnings and, most importantly, have fun.

4.    Connect with people in your own way

Not sure if you’re comfortable being completely naked before a live audience? No problem. Start with what you are comfortable with and connect with viewers the way you want to. You can gradually experiment with new things and move forward at your own pace. When you are comfortable, those watching you will also be comfortable. Plus, you’ll be more confident, which will only enhance your sessions.

5.    Greater self-acceptance

If you join an adult site that not only promotes inclusivity but welcomes both cammers and clients of all types of sexual and gender preferences, you learn that size, body shape and colour truly do not matter. When you accept yourself just the way you are, you become more comfortable in your own skin. This quickly translates to better experiences for viewers and a more confident person for you.

6.    Attractive pay prospects

A survey of cam girls, held between July and October 2021, revealed that the average cammer earns $1,043 per week from an 18-hour work week. That translates to more than £854 a week and in just 18 hours! There are various things you can do to maximise your earnings. For example, you can upload short videos as teasers of what viewers can expect from your sessions. You could consider uploading sexy pics that fans can buy from the adult site. Use any advertising credits or support that the site offers to increase your exposure and reach out to a wider audience. AdultWork offers 70% on the credits earned, in addition to not applying VAT on DirectCam. Features such as advertising credits and Free Mode also open up avenues for increasing earnings.

7.    Branch out for greater success or find your own niche

Being a cammer will help create a firm footing and fan following for yourself in the industry as an adult performer. You will be able to offer as many (or as few) services as you like. You can choose to offer your services only via phone or SMS chat too. At AdultWork, we give you multiple choices to work in those formats and even be an escort in addition to hosting webcam sessions. Flexibility is one of the biggest reasons that camming is gaining popularity in 2022.

8.    Pleasure for all

If you too are tired of the mainstream heteronormative modes of pleasure, you’ll be delighted to find that no such barriers exist in the world of camming. It is open to people of all sexual orientations and choices in the bedroom, a world waiting to be explored.

9.    Embrace your sexual self

Traditional social networking platforms can limit the kind of sexuality you can display. If that isn’t your narrative, then being a cammer will give you every inch of power on a platform that is built to complement your sexual appeal. As a cam model, you can harness the natural performer in you and stand to make a killing in earnings as a crowd favourite.


10.    Don’t make a wish, make a wishlist

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Your cam audience is more generous than you might imagine. If there’s something you have always wanted, a special piece of lingerie, a limited-edition lipstick or those sexy fishnets, just add them to your wishlist in the marketplace or the official store of the adult site.

Are you ready to give camming a try? Learn more about it here.


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