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You may have already noticed it, we’ve made a couple of small changes to the Site recently.  It’s all about you and the content you create as a Content Creator.  There’s been a steady rise in content being created over the years, you will no longer see the option ‘Erotic Content’ on your list of available services, but ‘Content Creator’ instead.

What do I need to do?

If you’ve got some hot new content that you’ve not uploaded to your profile yet, what a great time to do it.  If you already had Erotic Content as a service you offered, your profile will automatically change to ‘Content Creator’, it’s just a ‘cosmetic’ name change.

What else has changed?

Excellent question!  We’ve changed the Home Page to show ‘Content Creator of the Day’ in place of Webcammer of the day* with 3 tabs.  Content Creator of the Day, Latest Movies & Latest Pictures.  This gives you better visibility as a Content Creator than ever before.

Member of the Day

If you’ve only ever had Erotic Content enabled on your profile, you probably won’t have had the chance to bid on any of the Member of the Day slots listed on the Home Page.  It’s a great tool to promote your profile as it’s the first page everyone sees when they log in – that’s a whole lot of members who get to see your profile, approximately 160,000 people every day.

Take a look at our Guide ‘Why bid for Member of the Day’ here.

On weekdays, we give a shout out to our Members of the Day on Twitter.  Make sure you’ve linked your Twitter account to your profile so we can find you, read about how to do this here.

In order to be featured on the Twitter feed as one of our Members of the Day, head over to the General Tab on your Edit Profile Page here and tick the box “External Advertising – Allow my Profile” then save.  If you don’t tick that External Advertising box, we can’t give you a shout out on Twitter**!

Read all about what happens when you tick the external advertising box here.

Sounds great! How do I bid for Member of the Day?

Doesn’t it just?  We’ve created an easy-to-follow help video to assist you in bidding on Member of the Day



What should I do to my profile before I bid for a slot?

If you have content that you haven’t yet added to your Profile, do it now:

  • Add pictures to your private gallery. It’s really important to make sure your pictures include enticing (but honest) titles. When anyone clicks on your Private Gallery, before they subscribe, all they see is the titles.  Without titles, the customer isn’t likely to subscribe.  Private Gallery images don’t have to be exclusive to – it doesn’t matter if you’ve already uploaded them to other sites, you can still upload them here.  So dig out your memory cards and get uploading.
  • Add movie clips to your movie library. Don’t forget to add a movie summary here and make sure you list all the relevant categories so your movie comes up in the right searches.
  • Take this opportunity to run through the Profile Wizard to ensure that you have filled out every possible piece of profile information, that might make the difference between a booking, session or content sale, or not.  You’ve taken the time to make your profile great, now make sure you appear in all the right searches, don’t miss out.

Enrich your profile

  • FAQs– Provide answers in advance to questions you are often asked
  • Erotica– add some naughty stories or content to your profile
  • Blog– talk to your customers about what you get up to each day
  • Free Gallery– make sure you don’t have too many pictures in your free gallery.  Use this area to entice visitors to subscribe to your private gallery.  No more than 30 pictures should be added and restrict the levels of nudity and use the descriptions to make it clear what the visitor can find in your private gallery.  (Tidy up your free gallery via your My Details Page.)

Stay tuned into the auctions as the bidding can get intense near the end.

In addition to the above points, if your profile needs an overhaul, take a look at the article ‘Giving your Profile a spruce-up’ here.

*Webcammer of the Day has now been removed to make way for Content Creator of the day.  Removing this will ensure that the DirectCammer of the Day gets the full recognition they deserve.

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government are still advising that everyone continues to act carefully and remain cautious.  When the Government have lifted all restrictions we will be in a position to look at reinstating the Escort of the Day shout outs on Twitter.  The health of our members is of the utmost importance.


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Why bid for Member of the Day

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