Interview with Sasha Paige

A short time ago we had the chance to interview the amazing webcammer and escort SashaPaige_TS. We asked her if she would recommend the industry to others and what offers. You can read the full interview below.

How long have you been an member?
In total, I have been a member of AW for 11 years. My current profile is only a couple of years old as I took a break back in 2016.

What are the best things about for you?
For me AW is a one-stop shop, you can offer your escorting services as well as cam and phone chat. Members can access your profile from across the globe. I have had clients visit me from Germany and Norway after camming with me.

What is your best feature/attribute?
I would say my legs but I guess you could also say my down to earth attitude. I am very warm and welcoming, I understand the clients’ needs and desires. So I guess that is a positive quality too.

SashaPaige_TS in fishnets

SashaPaige_TS in fishnets

What is your biggest achievement in life?
Establishing myself as a brand, building a business and a great reputation, and inspiring other Tgirls to do the same.

Do you see men and women? And any couples?
I have seen a few couples but my main client base is male… males of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

Would you recommend being in the adult industry to others?
Yes but you need to keep your head on. I have seen it destroy a few people. I say the same thing to everyone, treat it like a job. Put the hours in, do things right, give the clients what they want and don’t get involved in the drama.


You can read the full, explicit SashaPaige_TS interview here.

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