Create the perfect AdultWork profile – Beginner

How to create the best AdultWork profile and build your business

You’ve signed up to, confirmed your email address and sent the necessary verification documents.

Now you’re faced with the task of creating a profile that stands out from the crowd. Or to put it another way, a profile that works hard to bring you business.

Don’t panic, we’re here to help. We made this handy guide to help you get started on



What makes a great AdultWork profile? 🤔

Your profile is one of your key marketing tools, so you want to make sure it attracts the right customers. With a little fine-tuning it will attract the type of clients you want. As such, your chances of securing lots of content sales and those all-important bookings will increase.

To understand how to create the best profile possible we asked the AdultWork technical and marketing teams. In exchange for biscuits (which they may or may not get) they shared their best tips for building and writing a strong profile. Here they reveal what trends they’ve spotted from analysing the most successful profiles and techniques you can use to boost your profile appeal.



Essential profile must-dos ‼

A strong profile needs solid foundations. These are the must-do bits.


Add pictures and movie clips 📸

Content is key and it’s what drives business to your profile. There are four core areas of your profile that you should populate.


1. Profile pictures

The most important pictures you’ll upload are your three profile pictures. These are the first images potential clients will see, so make sure they are good quality, show off your best features and perhaps hint towards your sexual preferences. For example, if you’re into cosplay or have a medical fetish, you may use a costume shot as one of your profile pictures. Or if there’s a particular lingerie colour or style that’s your favourite, wear that.

Your profile pictures should be original and unique to If members see your profile images elsewhere they may think your profile could be fake.


2. Free gallery

The next step is adding a free gallery. Having a gallery can improve your chances of attracting clients. The sweet spot is around 30 free photos. This makes the gallery look well-populated and gives prospective clients enough indication as to whether you’re right for them.

Make sure your photos are of high quality and clear. Even if you choose to keep your face hidden, what is visible in the picture should be clear and in focus.

Like with your profile photos, try to vary positions or outfits. Create interest and plant seeds that will tempt and tease.

AdultWork tip: Like taking selfies to upload to your galleries? Check out our selfie guide to make sure you’re doing it right.


3. Private gallery

For your private gallery, you should aim for a minimum of 100 images. In these shots, you can leave as little or as much to the imagination as you like (just keep it legal).

What you say matters but how you say it matters even more. Remember, the customer only sees the Titles before they subscribe. Don’t mislead but use some imagination in your private gallery image descriptions and you will build enough anticipation to make that sale.

Members can use the credits they earn from private gallery subscriptions to pay for additional advertising or to bump up the credits ready for withdrawal. Who doesn’t like a bonus for some serious retail therapy?

AdultWork tip: Update your private gallery if you change your look, have a new outfit to show off, or when new sex toys arrive in the post. Customers wanting more will be encouraged by these images, taking the next step to arrange meets or see you on DirectCam.


4. Movie clips

Video is the most effective when it comes to content marketing, so adding movie clips can attract profile attention. Start with around five. They don’t need to be long and don’t have to include sexual acts. Your clips can be a series of selfies, a short introduction video, or you chatting about what turns you on (or off). You are allowed to offer one clip on your profile that can be viewed free of charge –  use this to introduce yourself and tell any potential clients what they can expect from your content.

AdultWork tip: Customers only see a thumbnail and short description before subscribing. Add an accurate summary of what’s in your movie, so customers get a flavour of what to expect.



Nail your profile summary 🔨

Your profile summary is one of the hardest-working elements of your AdultWork account. This little line of copy needs to grab a potential client by the eyeballs and convince them to click. Getting it right is hard and can take a while to refine. But there is a formula that makes it easier.

In marketing land, we call summaries and headline text an ‘elevator pitch’. Your elevator pitch introduces you, makes an impression and highlights your main unique selling point (USP). The idea is that it does all this in 20-30 seconds. Any longer and you’ve failed. Writing an elevator pitch follows a formula. It goes like this…

Who you are + what you do + who you do it for + how you do it differently (main USP) = your pitch

For example:

Scouse GILF who loves to phone chat with posh Southern-sounding males. Choose which sex toy you hear me play with.

This example includes each part of the equation.

Scouse GILF…who you are

…who loves to phone chat…what you do

…with posh Southern-sounding males.who you do it for

Choose which sex toy you hear me play you do it differently to other phone sex workers.

Give it a try. The hardest bit is picking a USP, but remember (especially if you’re just starting out) it doesn’t have to be a world-changing USP. Just something that you offer that others maybe aren’t already shouting about in their headlines.



Become a Verified Member ✔

Become a verified member and you can enjoy extra perks of the AdultWork platform, such as:

  1. Free access to Client Connections
    A database of potential clients for you to search over and market to.  See who’s added you to their hotlist, has viewed your movies or has subscribed to your content update notifications.
  2. Increased revenue from your movie clips
    Verified members are exempt from bandwidth fees.
  3. Included in more searches
    Members are more likely to search for Verified profiles and can choose to exclude those that are not.



Add contact details and rates 🏷

Clients are less likely to book if contacting you is difficult and they have no indication of your rates. Listing prices is also another useful way to ensure you attract the right clientele for your business.

The profile wizard makes it easy to add these details for each of the services you offer. For example, if you offer escorting, the profile wizard will ask if you want to add a phone number. You don’t have to provide one, but if this is how you’d like to be contacted then pop it in.

You’ll then be asked if you do In or Out calls and then have space to detail the rates for each service.

A similar process applies for webcam and phone chat where you can display how many credits you charge for each service.



Link your social accounts 🔗

Now you’ve got an AdultWork profile it’s time to start promoting it. A free and easy way to let people know you are open for business is linking your social media accounts to your AdultWork profile. This gives you free exposure and as long as you’re actively using social media for marketing, as your audience grows so will the amount of attention your AdultWork profile gets.

AdultWork tip: Read our guide on how to market yourself on social media.



Creating a basic profile 🔠

If you need assistance getting your profile up and running, you can follow this video tutorial.

Time to perfect you AdultWork profile

There is a lot you can do to really make your profile the absolute best it can be, so your business and services stand out. Once you have familiarised yourself with the basics of your profile, it’s time to check out our next guide for intermediate members.

If you’ve got time to create a gallery, upload some movie clips or refresh your profile summary, then login now.

Keep us posted on what works for you. If you try any of the tips and see it make a big difference, we’d love to know about it! Tweet us @AdultWorkcom or @AdultWorki

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