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The guide to taking selfies


The quality of your Smartphone’s camera can make a huge difference in how your selfie turns out. The older your device is, the less likely it will have a high-quality camera. If you use different devices for work and personal life, make sure you use the one with the better camera for your selfies.


Instagram and Snapchat have lots of cool filters and effects that you can use. Once you take a selfie on these apps you can then save them to your phone’s camera roll to use on any other app/platform. There are other paid-for apps (such as Facetune) that you can buy to give you more control over your image; from contrast and brightness to smoothing skin and sharpening blurriness.

If you’re an Insta enthusiast, you might be interested to read that some actual scientists did a study to find the best filters. It turns out that filters that increase warmth, exposure and contrast are most likely to lead to more interaction. So filters like Mayfair, Valencia, Hefe and Nashville will flatter your pics, whilst you’re best avoiding the likes of Hudson and Clarendon which won’t do your pretty little selfie any justice. Filters also increase engagement with filtered selfies being 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to receive a comment. This can make a huge difference to your follower count. #FiltersRock

Lexi using filters


Having a solid light source is an essential part of taking any type of photo. Natural lighting is the best form of lighting, but, if you’re always taking selfies in your dark underground dungeon then we recommend investing in a selfie light. There are different types of selfie lights that you can choose from. The ones that are built into an actual phone case are the most popular and are widely available on Amazon and eBay. Another attachment that can greatly improve the stability of you selfie at any angle are Popsockets. AdultWork have our own branded Popsockets which will be available in our Online Store soon.

Examples of selfies using different light sources


The angle that you shoot from is just as important as lighting. Always have your device above eye level so you’re looking up at it. As you’re looking up, raise your eyebrows a little to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger. Always make sure to extend your chin away from your neck (this helps avoid shadows under your chin). Try adjusting your angles to see what works best with your current light source.


If you’re using an app to adjust contrast and brightness then be subtle. Don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it looks unnatural, people still want to see the real you. One tip we always suggest is taking more selfies than you need. If you take 10 snaps all at slightly different angles then you’ll find one that stands out over the rest.

Hints and tips:

  • Use natural light where possible
  • Avoid shadows
  • Use the right apps and filters
  • Take multiple shots then choose the best
  • Always hold your phone (even slightly) above your eye line so you’re looking up
  • Raise your eyebrows slightly to makes your eyes appear bigger
  • Keep your chin up
  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Give your fans what they want
  • Don’t over-edit
  • Love yourself

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