Create the perfect AdultWork profile – Intermediate

How to create the best AdultWork profile and build your business



Take it to the next level 🚀

Got bigger ambitions for your business? When the basics aren’t enough, here’s what you can do to level-up your profile.



Re-visit the Profile Wizard 🧙🏼‍♂️

The profile wizard walks you through the different profile sections that you can populate with copy or images. One area you might want to spend a bit of time on is your main profile description.

This sits underneath your profile summary and is the first paragraph your clients read about your business and service. Think carefully about the first impression you want to make on potential clients, or what you want them to know about your services. It’s best to include as much information as possible so people seeking your services can find you.

Not sure what to write? You could try following the marketing formula of Pain, Agitation, Solution (PAS).

This well-known technique works by first identifying a pain-point that your client is likely feeling. You then rub a bit of salt into the wound (that’s the agitation), before presenting them with the solution (which in this case are your services). It could go a little something like this:

Feeling horny on your own is no fun. Having all those sexy thoughts and no one to share them with is a waste of a good fantasy. Take the opportunity to tell a busty blonde who loves to dirty talk exactly what you’re thinking. And lets both satisfy ourselves using your sexy, kinky fantasy.

You can use the PAS technique at the top of your profile and from there take a deeper dive into the finer details of your services and personal stats. Completing the interview and adding FAQs will also help with this.



Highlight USPs and improve navigation 🧐

The profile wizard lets you create separate tabs for your profile details. This makes it easy to adapt your profile to suit your services and the information you want to provide. For example, some members choose to include tabs dedicated to the specific services they offer like in the example below.

Like pages on a website, having dedicated sections to promote specific services will make it quick and easy for clients to see what you offer that’s different and if the services you offer are right for them.



Bid for Member of the Day 📅

Bidding for one of the promotional Member of the Day spots increases your profile visibility. It could be seen by over 160 thousand visitors in a 24-hour period.

AdultWork tip: Learn more about becoming Member of the Day in this short video.



Add fresh content 🤳🏼

An active profile is a happy profile. And with many marketers understanding that content rules the roost, it makes sense to ensure you’re giving your profile all the content love it can possibly get.

Make sure you:

  • Add a blog once a week (you can read more about how to run your sex blog)
  • Add erotica once a month
  • Upload new photos a couple of times each month and take the opportunity to organise your Private Gallery into Albums.

AdultWork tip: Customers are more inclined to subscribe if you add good descriptive titles to all your images.

Promote your content on social media to attract extra attention to your profile. Regularly adding new content is also a great way to get extra exposure on the Site as all latest content appears on the Home Page. Customers have the option of ticking a little box on your Movies, Private Gallery and Blog Pages that alerts them when you’ve uploaded new content.

Another great tactic we’ve seen some members do is add a ‘what’s new’ tab in their profile. This let’s regular clients quickly and easily see what new services you’re adding to your business which will help keep regular interest.



Use auto-tweets 💬

If you’re a webcam model, the quickest way to let fans know you’re online is sending a tweet.

In your DirectCam settings tick the ‘Post my online status to Twitter’ checkbox. Doing this lets post a tweet in your feed. It lets people know you’re ready to go and means you don’t have to faff around switching from Twitter to your cam room.

AdultWork tip: You can learn more…



Offer freebies 🆓

Drum up interest in your profile and camming sessions by offering free DirectCam time (known as ‘Free Preview’). This is a great way to entice people into a private show and, if all goes well, they’ll move through to view your profile where they can subscribe to your Private Galleries or Movies.

We recommend offering 5 free minutes of DirectCam time in a 24 hour period.

If you are offering DirectCam, thoroughly research and understand all of the DirectCam settings.

We've updated the DirectCam broadcaster which doesn’t rely on Flash player.  You can use it from your desktop, laptop, phone and tablet. Two-way cam should be a much better experience as well.  Read the 'DirectCam Helper' guide here.

AdultWork tip: As mentioned in the beginner’s guide, you can provide one movie clip free of charge. Use this to introduce yourself.



Define your AdultWork TV Shows 📺

This is another way in which customers can view DirectCam as a themed show and therefore another avenue you can use to further leverage your DirectCam exposure.  You can actively promote and build interest in advance of your show listing.



Ask for feedback, ratings and field reports 📋

The feedback and rating system lets your customers leave short comments on the service they received. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and it’s free!

If you offer escort services your clients are able to leave a more detailed review of your meeting, which we call a ‘field report’. You may want to ask clients at the end of your appointment if they’re happy to complete this. Or send a follow-up message around a day later.



Complete your Interview 📝

The Interview provides you with an opportunity to tell potential customers a bit more about you. You can use this to describe your physical appearance in detail, your non-binary gender (if relevant), even to let people know what your favourite colour is.

Arguably, the greatest benefit of having a completed Interview is that members who are seeking services can use the Interview answers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If someone is searching for a green-eyed, heavy-set, pangender who has tattoos and piercings and is completely shaven, and you are a green-eyed, heavy-set, pangender who has tattoos and piercings and is completely shaven, then chances are they will find you using the search function.



Time to perfect you AdultWork profile

There is a lot you can do to really make your profile the absolute best it can be, so your business and services stand out. Now you’ve upgraded your profile, read our expert guide to launch your business to a whole new place.

If you’ve got time to add a new blog, set up auto-tweets or start requesting feedback, then login now.

Keep us posted on what works for you. If you try any of the tips and see it make a big difference, we’d love to know about it! Tweet us @AdultWorkcom or @AdultWorki


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