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How to avoid paying for your Profile Features

An Group manager sent this to us. They send it to all the members of their group upon joining.  We think it’s a great read and certainly worth sharing with everyone….

Whilst it is certainly very worthwhile, like most advertisers, I am not overly excited about having to pay AW to show my phone number or to appear as available today etc.  The great thing about AW though is that there are plenty of ways for me to benefit from these features without having to pay for them myself.

The concept is simple…

Upload sufficient content so that your sales cover the cost of the enhanced features.

Time and time again I see members complaining about the various fees but on their profile is no private gallery, no movies and no erotica.  Either that or they only have one movie or ten pictures in their private gallery, with no free gallery. 

The solution is to think about what you are trying to achieve.

If you don’t have a free gallery, create one.  Never have nude pics in your free gallery.  Have plenty of raunchy or inviting pics but keep the revealing versions in your private gallery.  And of course, follow the AW pricing model.  

Similarly, it takes a few minutes to take a video with your phone and upload it to the Site.  Sell that for 1 credit, 2 credits whatever, it is soooo easy it is incredible that some people haven’t done it. 

Keep the price of your content low with a view to selling a lot, not high with a view to selling a few.  A credit for a subscription to a private gallery with 60 pictures is likely to get a lot of interest.  A 1-minute movie for a credit, same. 

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you as it is really easy to offset the costs of advertising on the escorting side by uploading some content to the “all encompassing platform” that AW is. 

Once you get the hang of making some movies or taking good pics, not only will your clients be able to pay to see what you look like and sound like before they book, (a quid for a movie is a good investment before you meet), but if you get enough content and price things right, the AW fees will be a thing of the past and the income you make from content will keep going up and up.  Make money while you sleep, the easy way. 

A not very well-known benefit of paying for phone number display and available today etc is that you get to list yourself in the Tours Section for free.  Many members don’t take advantage of this.  If you’re moving around and paying for something on the Site, then set-up your tour stops so that guys in those areas see you in the search results.

We fully endorse this useful advice. Below you will find a few links to help you quickly put these tips into practise.


If you have any tips or advice that you would like to share with the AdultWork community, drop us an email and we might use your ideas in future articles.

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