Oral Sex Positions you Should Try

Oral sex with your partner is such an intimate act.  Some even say that it’s more intimate than intercourse.  It can be one of the most pleasurable sex acts you and your better half can share.  If you want to take your lovemaking to the next level, here are three oral sex positions you should try.

Heir to the throne

A great position for playing with power dynamics.  The receiving partner gets to feel like royalty as they perch on a throne, ok maybe just a chair, while the giver kneels on the floor.

The ultimate sex position for oral on the go.  Sit on a chair with your legs wide open.  You can easily guide him and you’ll be able to get a full view of your partner between your legs, which is a turn-on in itself for many women.

Edge of the bed

You might want to experiment with this position.  One partner is standing while the other is lying down, creating a sexy new power dynamic.

The other partner stands over their mouth, so they can perform oral on them.  One of the reasons this position is enjoyable for some is that it provides a different shape for the tongue, mouth and throat to be used in oral sex.

Ball of fun

This position is essentially an all-access pass to the receiver’s vagina and anus if you’re down for a little rimming action.

The female partner holds her shins, curling into a ball on her back whilst your partner lays on his stomach to perform oral on you.


What’s your favourite oral sex position?  If you’d like to contribute to this article or Insider, you can contact us here.


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