New Mastercard Regulations

Information to all Content Creators, DirectCam, Escort & Phone Chat members

How will the Mastercard regulations changes affect me?

Any website that accepts Mastercard as a payment method (Worldwide), where members upload images are affected by these regulations.

As so many customers use Mastercard, we must comply with these regulations to ensure those customers can still subscribe to your content or enjoy your DirectCam, & Phone Chat sessions. has created a solution to support you through these changes, with the creation of a Content Consent area.

Some of the changes are as follows:

For content created after the 15th October 2021, Content Creators must obtain and keep on record written consent from all persons depicted in the content specific to the following areas:

  • Consent to be depicted in the content
  • Consent to allow for the public distribution of the content
  • Consent to upload the content to sites like

Mastercard requires the Content Creator to verify the identity and age of all persons, depicted in the content, are adults and to be able to provide supporting documents upon request.

Do I need to upload any documents to

The quick answer is no, but we need you to confirm you have the documents and have checked the IDs and age of all persons in your content created after the 15th October 2021.

This confirmation is done in the Content Consent area.

However, we may have to request you to provide the documents in accordance with the new Mastercard regulations.

Do I need to delete some of my content?

Again, the quick answer is no, any content created after the 15th October 2021, which is not confirmed as having consent will be automatically hidden.

What content is affected?

All profile photos, Free and Private Galleries, Movies, Erotica and any other areas where content is displayed on the Site.

I’m an Escort, will it affect me?

If you have a profile photo or any content on, then yes, as well as any other content you may have on your profile uploaded after the 15th October 2021.

I’m a DirectCammer how will it affect me?

The same as all other profiles, but in addition, each time you click broadcast you will be asked to click an additional consent confirmation, this should only take a few extra seconds.

I have lots of existing content on my profile, how will this be affected?

We have created a Content Consent area. In this area, you will be able to Confirm Consent of all your content created after the 15th October 2021, in a few simple steps.

We will contact you with any updates to this page, so please check your email linked to your profile.

I don’t have any other persons in my content, it’s all just solo.

You will still need to confirm your consent in the Content Consent area but simply click ‘I am the only person to appear in the content’. It’s a very quick process.

How do I access the Content Consent area?

In each of the areas where your content is uploaded, there will be a very clear ‘Manage Consents’ button which will direct you to fill out the consent for just this content.

You can also access the master Content Consent area by clicking here, please ensure that you are logged into your account before visiting the consent area. Desktop:

  1. Log into your profile
  2. Click ‘My Details’
  3. Here you will see the ‘Manage Consents’ button Mobile App:

  1. Log into your profile
  2. Click ‘Menu’
  3. Click ‘My Details’
  4. Click ‘My Profile’
  5. Here you will see the ‘Manage Consents’ button

What happens if I do nothing?

Then unfortunately your content uploaded after the 15th October 2021, will be hidden from your customers, including your profile photos which will generate fewer inquiries or bookings.

I don’t have a Mastercard personally, so why is my content affected?

The changes are needed to ensure customers can purchase credits on sites like, it has nothing to do with an individual member having a Mastercard, or not.

We will be updating this article over the next few days, so please check your email for update notifications.

We appreciate your continued support and cooperation during these regulation changes.

Thanks and best regards

The Team


Watch this video to learn How-To Manage Consent for your Movie Library content.

More How-To videos coming soon.


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