My Adult Site – Your own personal website is always looking at innovative ways to increase the value it provides to its membership. As the UK’s largest online adult community, we endeavour to provide our members with the tools and resources required to fully maximise the opportunities of advertising online, ensuring their role in the adult industry as members of is as successful and lucrative as it can possibly be. As of December 2018 all members of – who are registered as Offering Services – have their very own personal website to advertise their services and sell their content. We refer to these sites as ‘My Adult Site’ or ‘MAS’ for short in this guide.


What is ‘My Adult Site’?

Put simply, MAS is your very own website full of the wonderful pictures, movies, profile info, blogs and everything else that is already on your profile.


Does My Adult Site replace my existing profile?

No. Your profile will remain the same and will not be replaced by MAS. As we’ll explain below, your profile and MAS work hand-in-hand


Where will My Adult Site appear?

Your website will appear on the World Wide Web and is already accessible. To visit your website, simply type the following into your address bar, remembering to change the last part to your actual User ID or nickname –  If you have an active offering services profile, click here to see yours now!


How do I change the wording or pictures on My Adult Site?

All content changes are managed through your profile on the main site or Web App. is essentially your Content Management System. Any changes you make to your profile will automatically update in your MAS. More customisation options are available which we’ll explain in more detail below.

Your Phone Number, Webcam/DirectCam, Available Today Status automatically appears on your MAS site similar to how it does on when you’re available, encouraging visitors to interact with you in real-time.


Will My Adult Site display properly on mobile devices?

Absolutely. Each template is optimised to display properly on all devices, no matter their size. So, whether someone is looking at your website on their work computer (hopefully their boss doesn’t see) or their mobile (hopefully their gf doesn’t see), your website will always look its enticing best.

Three examples of a responsive website at different sizes

How many websites can I have using My Adult Site? members can have one MAS per account. Your website will be shown with a randomly chosen template each time it is loaded. However, for a relatively small fee you can purchase as many templates as you wish and switch between them whenever you want. There are also clip store templates and group sites as well, so Group Managers can have a site displaying all group members and anyone can create a clip store site selling their own movies, someone else’s or movies from particular categories (all for free).


I don’t get it, what is the purpose of My Adult Site? has always been about providing people with a web-presence and the tools they need to run their online adult businesses with ease. MAS gives members their very own stand-alone website, not part of, but showing your profile data from it. If nothing else, you can be comfortable giving your clients your URL knowing they’ll not be distracted by other advertisers or confusing links that might draw their attention away from everything you offer. We have been offering MAS for a while now and many members have already taken advantage of it and are reaping the rewards. This is what prompted us to roll it out to all members.


Can I earn money by referring people to from My Adult Site?

Yes. Anyone who visits your website and subsequently registers and purchases credits on (or your MAS) will earn you money, each time they purchase credits. This is part of the Member Referral Scheme which you can read all about here.


OK, I’ve checked out My Adult Site and I absolutely love it! Now what?

That depends on how much you want to do. You can do nothing, keep it as it is and promote your URL (e.g. Or, if you want to go to the next step, you can:

  • purchase a domain name (e.g. and link that to your MAS. You can then promote that URL on your social media, forum signatures, email signatures, business cards etc..
  • choose a permanent template that will give your website the same look and feel to everyone who visits your website. Click here to view all of the available templates in our template store.
  • set up your own clip store with all your XXX movie clips.

It really is up to you how much you are willing to put into it (and get out of it). This could be the start of something special for you by providing yourself with a better platform to grow your online adult business and ultimately, earn more money.

Take a look at the example below. You will notice the member’s details have been used from their profile, and the tabs at the top contain all of the content that user has uploaded. Visitors to your site can buy your content directly, without having to visit

An example of MAS

Now that you’ve got your very own personal website, spread the word and use your URL on all of your Social Media platforms and anywhere else you talk to users/clients. We highly recommend upgrading your site so that you have a permanent template. This will give your site the same look and feel to everyone, everytime.

Oh, and don’t forget to thank us on Twitter @AdultWorkcom, we like to know when we’re doing a good job as much as anybody. 😊


Visit your MAS by going to If you have an active offering services profile click here to view yours now!


MAS Clip Store with domain name example:

MAS Group example:

Check out the Developers area to see about upgrading your free site or setting up more.


Member Referral Scheme

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