Interview with Lexxi Rocks

Have you watched cam girls perform on cam?
I’ve never watched a cam session except behind the scenes. I’d be interested to see some, now that you mention it!

Do you have a favourite cam girl?
Apart from myself? Ava Austen is super-hot and I enjoy watching her perform so I’d love to see her on cam!

Do you like to be dominated?
I’m so submissive it’s unreal, I think I’m learning to be more dominant and confident over time, but I will always be firmly Sub. I’m in the right job.

Do you like to keep your submissiveness in the bedroom or carry it over to real life?
That is a very tricky question, if I’m into someone I can be quite submissive in a relationship, but I’m not massively sub in social situations.

Do you like to be told what to do?
It depends on how it’s done… I don’t like being forced into anything but… I enjoy the wanting and the willingness to please that comes from within. I push myself to do as I’m told rather than being pushed by the other person if that makes any sense.

Do you like a man in control?
I like a bit of both, I lean towards a man in control, but I also enjoy doing things to them that I know will feel good or look good, giving pleasure doesn’t always mean being sometimes controlled. It is nice to have some free reign to give pleasure in my way of my accord.

What’s your favourite video game?
I don’t play them at all, there isn’t time in a day!

Craziest hair colour you’ve ever had?
I think I’ve had all of them except black, for me the craziest is when it looks a more natural colour, I find that weird! I loved it silver but it was super harsh on the condition so might be a while before I get back to that. I like it teal too or pink! I can never settle on one.


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