Interview with Dommelia

Did you ever go to college/university?
I did. I studied Fine Art and graduated with a first-class degree. I think My intelligence is what draws a lot of My subs and slaves to Me – the power of My mind. My art practice was performance and video art. I use My creative flair in the fetish clips that I make, which are soon going to be available to My fans on

What fetishes do you have?
I love to explore many different fetishes with the right submissives; but for Me, the thrill comes from the power exchange. My fetish is mental domination, getting inside of My submissive’s head and working out what makes him tick and then using that against him to get what I want, to make him serve Me.

What is your favourite fetish?
This is difficult to answer because I enjoy so many, but I would have to say the combination between CFNM (clothed female naked male) and tease and denial. There is no greater rush that is towering above a naked man on his knees, while dressed head to toe, not even having to take My clothes off to be able to weaken him completely. I’m a natural tease and I sadistically love not giving people what they want. I know how to keep a man on his toes and at My beck and call, and that’s never giving him everything. Denying him, keeping him on his toes and dangling a metaphorical carrot dangerously close to his nose.

What fetishes are you yet to experience?
Considering the plethora of fetishes out there… absolutely loads! I haven’t experienced any fetishes that I don’t consider keeping Me in a position of power, for example sploshing or a balloon popping. They are both popular fetishes, but they don’t capture My attention.

Interview Dommelia

Have you always been dominant?
Yes. Even when I was at school I was a bossy boots. I used to finish My work in class before everyone else and then walk around telling all the boys what to do. Every boyfriend I’ve ever had has been at My beck and call and I’ve known from a young age that I can use My looks and charm to get exactly what I want. I used to be a school teacher, and eventually I decided that it was grown men that I needed to discipline!

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on shoes?
Me personally? I don’t buy My shoes! I get My slaves to buy shoes for Me. The most expensive pair of shoes a slave has bought Me was over £600. And after he bought them, I took a photo of the receipt and sent it to another slave and told him to reimburse Me for them. So, I ended up with a very expensive pair of Louboutin heels, and a big bank transfer, too!

Do you have a hosiery fetish?
I do. I love the look and feel of tights, stockings and pantyhose. One of My ex-boyfriends had a tights fetish too. I used to wear shiny black tights around him, make him seriously weak and then take him to Oxford Street and get him to take Me clothes shopping. One time I made him buy Me around 20 pairs of tights in one go, and I made him go to the check out to pay for them for added humiliation!


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