Interview with Diverse Stacey

Who gave you your last kiss?
My dog is always the last one to kiss me every night.

Do you sleep in pyjamas, underwear, or nothing at all?
Nothing, I would happily walk around naked every day if it was legal and the sun was out.

Would you ever be in an open relationship? Have you?
Yes, I would have an open relationship, the last people I dated were a married couple.

Have/would you ever have sex outside?
I love outdoor sex, the risk of getting caught makes it more exciting.

Are piercings sexy?
I love **** piercings on men… All other piercings depend on the person with them to whether they are sexy or not.

Do you watch your videos?
I do watch my videos as it brings back the excitement of the time filming. I don’t watch my porn, just POV videos I’ve made. I enjoy the real deal not a performance.


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