Blogs – What are they and why do I need one?

A blog is an online journal which is frequently updated by a user and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality, opinions, news and expressions of the author (you).  At, the Blogs section is like our very own Social Media platform where our members can keep up-to-date with everything you post on your blog.  Every member who is registered as Offering Services has their own blog, so let’s look at how you can make the most of it, and why.

What is the point of a blog?

A blog is your voice on the Internet, your own platform for…

  • telling everyone about what made you happy or sad, laugh or cry today.
  • sharing your news, views and opinions on what is happening in your life, the world at large or elsewhere! (Please avoid discussions surrounding
  • keeping us amused with anecdotes of your adult services orientated lifestyle.
  • giving us an insight into your daily life, thought processes, likes and dislikes and general persona.
  • sharing pictures that were taken at the time of an interesting event, are relevant to your thoughts or are of note themselves.


Why should I start using my blog?

Your blog is a great way to express yourself and a fantastic way to share information with others.  You can also use it to help attract potential new clients to your profile and sell more content.  Our members enjoy reading blogs to keep up-to-date with the thoughts, news and opinions of members who offer services on


How do I write my first blog post?

To get started, click on the Blogs link on the main navigation bar.  From there, you can simply click on the link to create your own blog. (You can also access your blog here).  You will then see a form on the page that you simply type your thoughts into and, voila, you are now ready to publish your first blog post. Why not also upload an image to display on your blog post?

the work blogs highlighted on a nav bar

How often should I update my blog?

As often as you like.  However, we would recommend not more than one blog post per day.  By all means keep people up-to-date with your daily activities but it’s sometimes better to summarise your thoughts in one post.


How long should each blog post be?

That is entirely up to you, there are no set rules when it comes to posting on your blog.  Some blog posts are a few sentences, others are a few paragraphs.  Just keep it informal, conversational and interesting.  Have a look at some examples below.

A list of blog posts

Can people subscribe to my blog?

Indeed they can.  There is an option to be alerted by email when a service provider uploads a new blog post.  This is a good way to maintain a connection with current or prospective clients who are interested/have shown an interest in you.  There is also a permalink (permanent URL, shown below) for each blog post that you can use to direct people to your blog through your own Social Media channels such as Twitter.

How to subscribe to a blog

Is there anything that I shouldn’t write about?

Good question.  There are a number of things that we either don’t allow or strongly advise against writing about. You mustn’t use your blog to directly advertise your services, that is what your profile is for.  So, no phone numbers, no contact details, no spamming and no blatant self-promoting.  Do not use it to discuss or attempt to contact  If you need our attention, contact us here.  You should not express your political or religious views, nor should you post anything that someone may find offensive.  Our User Agreement applies throughout including the Blog section.


I don’t have much to write about should I make stuff up?

If you haven’t been doing anything exciting recently, it may seem like a good idea to embellish events to make yourself appear more interesting but we don’t recommend this.  People will still want to read about you regardless of how mundane the event such as, having a Duvet Day, or having to stay at home waiting for a plumber 😉.

If you are good at writing fictional tales, then you should check out our Erotica section.  In our Erotica section, you can set your mind free and create as many hot and steamy short stories as you can think of.  What’s more, you can even charge people for the privilege of reading your erotic material on, a bit like becoming a paid author.

A list of Erotica stories

So, all that’s left now is to login to your account and get your first post out there for the members to read.  Hopefully, you’ll soon reap the rewards and benefits of having a more active profile on Read our other Insider articles and guides to find other ways to improve your presence.


To see what other bloggers are writing about, visit the Blogs Page.

To indulge in some erotic content or write your very own, visit the Erotica Page.


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