5 of the Best Sex Toys for Webcam Modelling

Choosing the best sex toys for webcam modelling

Cam-friendly toys from the AdultWork.com Official Stores

The AdultWork.com Official Stores have been restocked and are open for business.

Many of you enjoy using sex toys in your camming sessions.  They help attract an audience, add variety to your shows and lets you explore your own pleasure.  Buying sex toys is also one of your business expenses.  Understanding this is why we’ve upped our sex shop game to offer you a bigger range that includes high-quality, award-winning brands.

Never popped into the AdultWork.com sex shop?  Then take a browse.

What’s in the AdultWork.com sex shop?

You’ll find all the essentials like lubricants, outfits and underwear, and massage lotions.

There’s also a huge collection of sex toys for different tastes and types of sex.  Choose from vibrators, dildos, anal toys, sex toys for men and sex toys for women.  You can keep refining your search based on stimulation type, sex toy material and price (shown in AdultWork.com credits).

Webcam models wanting kinky sex toys will find gags, nipple clamps, cuffs and whips in the bondage section.

Get to the shop by going to:

Emails & Bookings > Marketplace > Official Stores Home

Or click here.

There is a lot to choose from.  If you use sex toys during webcam modelling sessions once in a blue moon, you might be wondering where to start.  Well, we have a few suggestions.

5 great sex toys for webcam modelling

These five sex toys have been chosen based on three criteria:

  1. How well they show up on camera.
  2. Whether they’re a good business investment (so pay for themselves or not need replacing often).
  3. How practical they are for you to use — in terms of function but also your comfort and safety.

1. MINA Touch Sensitive Wand

Enjoy on-demand vibrations and get the stimulation that you need exactly when you need it with this elegant wand massager.  Equipped with 11 speed and function settings, this magic wand is touch-sensitive, so you can touch base, touch & go or touch down as you please.  Ideal for external massage of tense muscles and erogenous zones whether you need to wind down or up after work.

2. Loving Joy TUX Remote Control Couples Cock Ring

Create an even greater intimate connection between you and your client.  It features a long clitoral stimulator that can also be used as a clitoral vibrator.  This silicone cock ring makes for the perfect couples sex toy as it is designed to stimulate both partners.  The seven functions of the cock rings can be easily controlled by the remote control.

3. Spanking Paddle

Of all the bondage whips, spanking paddles are the easiest to use on yourself.  The wider head means you’ll land your blows exactly where you want them.  Plus, they make a very satisfying thud sound.  Paddles come in a range of styles.  From playful and fluffy to domineering leather, there’s a spanking paddle suited to your webcam business brand.

4. Suction Base Dildos

Insertable sex toys used for your webcam modelling business should be body-safe.  Added perks: the suction cup bases let you stick it down to a firm, flat surface, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

5. Precious Metals Anal Plugs

The Precious Metals Anal Plug range comes in various sizes and lengths.  Search for one that suits your level of anal play.  Why choose these over any other butt plug?  The stunning gemstone set into the flared base makes these plugs look extra special, giving them an eye-catching edge when used on camera.

Sex toy care

Buying sex toys as cam show props is a business expense.  You need them to last as long as possible so your budget isn’t eaten up by having to replace broken or faulty toys.  You can help prolong a sex toy’s life by taking care of it.

Look after your toys by also investing in:

If your sex toy is rechargeable look after the charger and wire.  Many are charged using standard USB cables, but if your rechargeable sex toy comes with a connecting pin or plug store it away where it won’t get lost or damaged. Buying replacement chargers aren’t always easy or cheap.

Creating Wishlists and getting gifts

A new toy caught your eye, but you’re not ready to purchase?  Add it to your wishlist instead.

Wishlists are a great way to keep tabs on the items you want.

You can keep your wishlist private if you want to keep new props and accessories a surprise for your clients.  If this isn’t a concern, make your wishlist public. Fans and clients can see which products you’d like and if they’re feeling generous they can purchase a sex toy or some lingerie for you.  All they need to do is head to the store, find the item and click ‘Gift It.’

Don’t worry, your postal address isn’t given to the sender of the gift.  You’ll get a notification by email that someone has bought you a gift.  Complete the transaction by confirming and/or updating your delivery address so it can be shipped to you.

Find sex toy props for your business

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on the best sex toys for your webcam modelling business. If none of these caught your attention, there are of course plenty more sex toy options in the AdultWork.com sex shop.  Along with condoms, specialist bedding and even novelty items if you’re thinking of throwing a naughty on-cam party.


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