Pineapple Support “What Advice Would I Give To My Younger Self?”

Pineapple Support is running a campaign titled “What Advice Would I Give To My Younger Self?” and would love for members to be a part of it.  The campaign focuses on giving advice to performers entering the industry.  Continue reading for further details.

What will the campaign include?

The campaign will include short videos, between one and five minutes, in length and will have positive undertones whilst touching on serious subjects.

What are the questions?

There are a few questions that Pineapple Support want to have included in the video clips;

  • “What would I have done differently?”
  • “What do I do for self-care?”
  • “Do I have any tips and tricks to share?”
  • “What is my favourite part of working in the adult industry?”

If your video is used, it will be cut and edited into montages as well as used individually.  They’ll also be cross-promoted across Pineapple Supports social media platforms and website giving you extra exposure.

Do you want to take part?

What advice would you give to your younger self?  If you’re interested in taking part in the Pineapple Support campaign and can submit your video before Monday 28th September 2020, please email us here so we can provide you with the link to upload your video*.

*Your video must be between one and five minutes long, shot in landscape orientation and in .MP4 format.  Please also include your Twitter username in your email.


If you don’t want to take part in this campaign but would like to make a donation to Pineapple Support, you can do so here.


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