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We’re delighted to announce we’ve joined the support and therapy resource Pineapple Support as a sponsor. fully supports their quest for positive mental health in the adult industry.  By sponsoring Pineapple Support, it helps to ensure that no adult performer ever feels as though they have nowhere to turn.

Who is Pineapple Support?

Pineapple Support is a free support and therapy service for all persons working in the online adult industry.  No matter your gender, ethnic origin, social status, age, or sexual preference.  They have an ever-growing team of sex-worker friendly, kink-aware therapists who offer face-to-face and online video therapy sessions.

Pineapple Support is the creation of Leya Tanit, a British performer, who originally had the idea after a string of tragic losses in 2018.  Deeply affected by the news of the many lives lost to suicide during the previous few months, Leya decided it was time to act, it was time to make a change.  Pineapple Support was born offering mental health care and emotional support across the US, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, and Australia.

What is the vision?

Pineapple Support provides 24/7 online, emotional support as well as free and subsidised professional therapy and advice to all performers and producers who have been active in the adult online industry within the past 6 months.

It creates a safe, caring environment in which every performer can be proud, alleviate the isolation felt by many performers by supporting each other so that no one need ever feel alone.  Pineapple Support promotes mindfulness and positivity, being proactive in caring for your mental health and spread happiness – to be the change.

How can I get support?

There are several ways in which Pineapple Support provide support:

  1. 24/7 online chat support
  2. Free and subsidised professional therapy, counselling, and coaching
  3. Free Support Groups
  4. Webinars
  5. Educational resources

April 2020 was the two-year anniversary of the launch of Pineapple Support.  In May 2020, Pineapple Support had provided emotional support and professional therapy services to over 1,000 performers across the globe.  They now have over 350 volunteers, 120 professional health care providers and a team of 19 board members, ambassadors, and staff.

You can read their testimonials here.


It’s so important to look after your mental health, we recently wrote an article titled Sex Work & Mental Health which talks about raising the topic of mental health and sex work, the associated stigmas and stereotypes and successful therapy.  You can read it here.


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