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Do you relish the thought of being seduced? Having your imagination run wild with arousal and your appetite ignited by sexy situations of hot new fantasies? Then you’ll love the offering of Erotic content available to you on

For those of you who like to leave a little bit to the imagination, our collection of filthy Erotic Content will drive you wild.  The best part? They’re all submitted by real members.  You can even submit your own! 😲

What is Erotica on

Erotica is any literary or artistic work that deals essentially with subject matter that is erotically stimulating or sexually arousing but is not always pornographic.

There are three different types of erotic content available to you, recorded (spoken voice), written and storyboard, which includes, yep – you guessed it, pictures to go with the story.

Erotic stories are… well, the original porn.  Something to let your imagination run wild with, with the exact setting, character and finishing touches.  It’s something that can only be seen through your mind’s eye, tailored to your specific desires.

How do I find it?

You may have already noticed the Erotica tab on a members profile? If it’s there, the members content is listed.  The other options are to use the Erotica page or our awesome search feature where you can tailor exactly what you’re looking for.  You can find the Search here.

All in one place

At the time of writing this article, there are over 9,000 Erotica items listed in the Erotica pages of the Site.  There are themes to delight just about every appetite, anything from stories from Escorts to Erotic Horror 👻

Compose your own

Ever considered submitting your own experiences or fantasies as Erotica? Is there something you often think has an erotic nature? Certain fruits 🍑 and vegetables 🍆?  You can even earn from doing so!  If nothing else, surely that’s got to be a great reason to share your stories.

If you’re reading from your computer, head on over to the ‘Submit Erotica’ on the here.

Remember to make sure you’ve read the Erotica Submission Guidelines before submitting.  📜

Feature your content

Give your Erotica the audience it deserves and feature it.  When you feature your content, it’ll appear in the ‘Featured Erotica’ tab so will be seen by everyone who views this type of content.

You can do this from your My Details page here.  Erotica is listed under the ‘Manage Pictures & Movies’ section.  When you hit the plus next to Erotica and you’ll see a feature button where you can choose the content you want to feature.

When you’re on the WebApp, you can hit the Menu on the top of the page, tap ‘Manage Account’, ‘Feature Erotica’.  You’ll see a drop-down list of your content, just pick the one you want to feature.

You can earn further credits by referring new customers to your content by using the Member Referral Scheme.  For every credit they purchase, the Member Referral Scheme rewards you with a percentage of the credits they purchase.  You can read all about the Member Referral Scheme here.


Whether you’re looking for Erotica or submitting your own, let your mind run wild with it.


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