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How to create the best AdultWork profile and build your business


Get an all-powerful profile 💪🏼

So, you’re mega serious about making your profile really work? This is some next-level stuff. Here’s what you should be doing.



Check your Profile Health 🏥

We have created a page that will review your profile and advise you on the sections that need to be completed or improved. We call this Profile Health. Check it out now and see where you can improve your profile.



Offer more services ☎

Your search exposure will increase with the more services you offer. For example, if you only offer phone chat your profile will be excluded if someone searches for a provider that offers phone chat as well as another service.

If it suits you and your business, increase the number of services you’re happy to offer and you’ll reach a wider audience, so increase your earning opportunities.



Or you could niche… 🤓

For some offering members turning up in a handful of searches is exactly what they want. Offering very specific services to a small audience is called ‘niching’.

If you can capture a specific audience and be the only member offering that service (or be one of a handful) then you can quickly create a loyal following of regulars.

AdultWork tip: Using the AdultWork Interview is a great way to make your profile unique.



Add new content daily 🤳🏼

We talked about adding fresh content, but to really step it up a gear you should add new photos, blogs, stories and answer emails daily.



Go on tour 🏩

If you offer escort or alternative services and are able to tour, change your location settings within your profile. Doing this ensures your profile is returned for clients looking for your services in your touring locations.



Make wishes come true 🛍

Building client relationships through the selling of items and receiving of gifts is another way to strengthen your profile.

On AdultWork you can create a Wishlist of items you would like. When a client is feeling generous they may buy something to gift you from your Wishlist.

You may also choose to sell items you no longer want or need, such as lingerie you’ve worn during cam shows. AdultWork makes it easy to open your shop and handle your sales.

Again, making sure you have items to add to your store regularly will entice people to come back often, so you remain front of mind.

AdultWork tip: You can read more about Wishlists here.



Feature your profile 🤩

Now that you’ve put in the effort to get your profile to expert-level, it’s time to invest in promoting your profile. AdultWork allows members to enhance how and where your profile will appear. For a low daily fee, up to 3 placement enhancements are made.

  1. Your profile will be shown at the top of search results (before any other non-featured profiles), where your profile matches the criteria specified by the visitor performing the search.
  2. Your profile will appear on the gender-based Featured Tab of that section’s Home Page (Webcam, Phone Chat etc…), for the service you have featured your profile for.
  3. Profiles occupying the most recently purchased slots for today will appear on the main site Home Pafe.

You can also choose to feature your content such as Private Galleries and Movie Clips. Navigate to My Details > Edit Profile > Feature your Profile.

AdultWork tip: You can use the credits you receive from content sales to pay for featuring your profile. Doing this can generate more income without any real expenditure.



Positioning your profile 🔝

In addition to featuring your profile, you can also enhance the positioning of your profile for certain services you offer. If you are set-up for DirectChat and/or DirectCam then we offer hourly intervals to help you maximise your exposure for these services when you know you will be online and available. Positioning works on a bidding system. The more you are willing to bid, the higher up your profile will appear. Regardless of how much or little you bid, you will always appear above other members who don’t take advantage of this system.

AdultWork tip: The highest earners on DirectCam & DirectChat all use Positioning on a regular basis.



Start using My Adult Site (MAS) 💻

When you’re in a busy work environment, branding is important to help you stand out. One way you can do that is by using your MAS. This is a website of your own which pulls the information and pictures used on your AdultWork profile — so no need to write or create any extra content.

It’s an ideal opportunity to market yourself further afield and grab business outside the existing AdultWork community.

Here’s how to get your MAS site up and running.


Time to perfect you AdultWork profile

There is a lot you can do to really make your profile the absolute best it can be, so your business and services stand out.

If you’ve got time to update your service offerings, add fresh content or set up your My Adult Site, then login now.

Keep us posted on what works for you. If you try any of the tips and see it make a big difference, we’d love to know about it! Tweet us @AdultWorkcom or @AdultWorki

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