14 of the Best Adult Industry Podcasts

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Best Adult Industry Podcasts

Inspiring pods about the adult industry, for those working in adult🎙

There are heaps of brilliant sex-positive podcasts. But which are the best adult industry podcasts to wrap your ears around?

From porn star interviews to sex education, business advice and the sharing of personal stories… Over in pod world you’ll find a wealth of information and entertainment specifically about the adult industry.

Some pods are great for business tips. Others are fab for industry news. And there are even some that are recorded for your sheer enjoyment.

For our list of the best adult industry podcasts we’ve limited it to 14. Choosing which ones make the cut hasn’t been easy. The wonderful truth is that there were so many more we could have included. From the sounds of it, the adult industry and sex workers are doing an amazing job at making their voices heard.


1. Crowversation

Hosted by UK-based sex worker Rebecca Crow (hence the puntastic name) the Crowversation is a mix of interviews with fellow models and SW activists, and Rebecca’s own musings and monologues. If you’re looking for a very open and straight-talking podcast about sex work and mental health, then this is it.

Tune in 📻: On Apple podcasts or listen here


2. The Oldest Profession Podcast

Block out some time to listen to the The Oldest Profession Podcast because each episode is an enthralling little gem. Presented by former sex worker and current SW activist Kaytlin Bailey, the Oldest Profession discusses arts, politics and the history of sex work in relation to the modern-day industry.

Tune in 📻: Oldpropodcast.libsyn.com


3. The Sex Work BB Podcast

When listening to The Sex Work BB Podcast have a pen and some paper handy. This pod is all about learning together through the shared stories and experiences of the host — cam model Kyra Kane — and her episode guest. Between the honest, fun and reaffirming tales about the adult industry, expect hints, tips and advice about how to get on in the world of sex work.

Tune in 📻: SexWorkBB.com


4. Future of Sex

The adult industry is often an early adopter of new technologies. In the Future of Sex international speaker and leading authority on sextech, Bryony Cole explores the relationship between the adult and technology industries. Tune in to hear her chat with technologists, researchers, scientists and therapists about the past, present and future-shape of sex. There’s not been a new episode for a while, so have fun binging on season one.

Tune in 📻: Futureofsex.org/podcast


5. Meg-John & Justin

What makes sex so fascinating is that we all do it and enjoy it slightly differently. Which means there’s always something new to learn. The Meg-John and Justin Podcast is testament to that. Brought to you by two of the UK’s top sex educators, this is a warm, easy-to-listen-to show about all things sex and relationships. Their super-inclusive approach had us wishing they ran our school sex ed. Interesting topics that got us thinking included, how to handle feeling horny all the time, solo and partner sex, relationship diversity, and what to do if sex is painful.

Tune in 📻: megjohnandjustin.com


6. Savage Lovecast

“There’s nothing you can’t ask on the Savage Lovecast,” sings the intro to the Dan Savage Lovecast. This entertaining, straight-talking sex-advice podcast certainly lives up to that. Listen to audience call-in questions and Dan’s answers, along with interview mini features.

Tune in 📻: Savagelovecast.com


7. Let’s Talk Adult with Glenn King

If you’re into the film side of adult then Let’s Talk Adult is for you. Presented by AVN award winning producer Glenn King, you’ll hear from the US porn-stars who are lighting up the industry. Get insight into their backstories, their businesses and thoughts on the world of adult film and how it’s changed in a digital era.

Tune in 📻: on tunein.com


8. Holly Randall Unfiltered

Join erotic photographer and director Holly Randall as she interviews some of the biggest names in the adult industry. Sure, you can expect to hear from porn stars like Asa Akira and Lisa Ann, but Holly also chats to authors including Jon Ronson (The Butterfly Effect and The Last Days of August), producers such as Francois Clousot and Mike Quasar, and clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr David Ley. So there really is something for everyone.

Tune in 📻: on Stitcher


9. After Adult

After Adult is a personal podcast by former porn star Adrienne. Each episode she shares her experiences of what life is like post-porn. Adrienne chats about mental health and sex work, activism, and dating as an ex-porn star. Joining her is her non-industry co-host Rachel, who’s great at asking Adrienne probing questions to get even more info and insight. The result is a fab podcast that riffs on sex work in a way that’s really accessible for current sex workers, ex-SWs and curious vanillas.

Tune in 📻: on Stitcher


10. American Sex

The American Sex podcast is hosted by wife and hubby duo, sex educators Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg. Although the topics are sometimes a little heavy, Sunny and Ken’s entertaining, authentic and light-hearted approach to discussing all-things sex (and in particular kinky sex) makes this a fun and breezy pod to tune into.

Tune in 📻: Sunnymegatron.com/category/podcast


11. Sluts & Scholars

“Talk smart and fuck smarter.” Now there’s a tagline we can get on board with! The co-hosts of Sluts & Scholars are a US sexologist and law student. Neither are shy away from big adult industry topics. Tune in to hear discussions with sex workers, feminists and adult-friendly professionals as they talk about activism, stigma, SW and the law, sex work and race, and sex and politics.

Tune in 📻: Slutsscholars.libsyn.com


12. Unscrewed

These 15 to 45-minute podcasts from American sex educator, author and feminist Jaclyn Friedman cover a lot in a short time. The theme is unscrewing sexual culture — in all its forms, not just sex work — and discussing what real sexual liberation means and what it looks like. Being in America means a lot of Friedman’s chat is about sex culture in the US, but her ideas are thought-provoking and easily accessible for anyone with an interest in the subject of sex.

Tune in 📻: Getunscrewed.com


13. Bawdy Storytelling

Word of warning: only listen to this podcast in places where you’re free to LOL (and sometimes shed a tear or two). The Bawdy Storytelling podcast has been opening up conversations about sex and relationships through storytelling for around 12 years. Hosted by Dixie De La Tour, she invites poets, comedians, sex educators, actors and…well anyone with a true story about sex onto the show. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s heartfelt. Best of all it’s a beautiful way of opening up conversations about ‘taboo’ subjects.

Tune in 📻: Bawdystorytelling.com/podcast


Bonus show! 🎁

Want something longer than a podcast? Then look up the RoseTalksSex radio show, hosted by AdultWork.com member, Charlotte Rose and Colin Chapman. This internet radio show is live on Monday evenings 8-11pm and discusses all things adult, ranging from topical UK industry news to interviews.  If you can’t catch the live show, you can listen again on Spotify.

Tune in 📻: Rosetalkssex.com



What are you listening to? 🎧

We’re pretty sure there are more excellent adult industry podcasts out there that we’ve missed. So, what business and industry pods give you aural pleasure?

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