There are two things you need to get into the mood for sex – your head and your body. Watching porn with your partner is great for both. It creates mental desire and physical arousal. Research suggests that mental desire helps achieve better orgasms while physical desire makes you actually “do” it. If you talk to your partner, most likely they’ve watched adult videos at least once in their life and have “certain” preferences as well. But in many cases, they’ve watched alone.

Having a porn marathon together allows you to get into each other’s deep personal spaces. You discover and share your likes and dislikes. It also tells you more about your partner’s sexual persona. From choosing what to watch and even where to watch the movie, the communication channels keep getting broader and your intimacy grows deeper.

If you and your partner have not yet brought porn into the bedroom, here are some reasons you need to try it right away.

watching adult movies together

Adds Spice

If you and your partner already have a satisfying sexual relationship, watching adult videos together will only enhance it. When you two watch the video together, it builds sexual tension that helps the two of you enjoy your session even more. Try cuddling while watching or even caressing and stroking each other. It just might take your sex life to a whole new high!

Great Foreplay

Sex without foreplay is like fish without chips. Yes, you can eat fish without chips, but the combination is so much better. Not everyone is comfortable enough to express their desires openly with their partner. Watching an adult video together can kickstart the foreplay and help loosen up any inhibitions. Cosying up with your partner while you two watch a video is a great way to get open the communication channels. You should also share your preferences and desires. Most couples claim that even if having sex wasn’t on their mind when they began watching, it’s just a matter of minutes before the right porn gets them ready to tear each other’s clothes off. And of course, choosing the right type of porn is key here! So even that discussion can be as enlightening as it can be fun.

Reignite the Flame

If you’ve been together for a long time, things might have become dull and routine. If your busy schedules have taken over your time together, porn is going to change that instantly. Watching others getting it on can be highly arousing and satisfying. Plus, you might learn something new – be that a new position, sex toy or more.

Explore New Fantasies

Adult videos are a great way to learn new positions, erotic zones, and ways to satisfy your partner. It can be the impetus you need to discuss your secret fantasies. Who knows, you might just discover an exciting world of role-playing.

Communication is the key to keeping a relationship alive and strong. So, the next time you spend quality time with your partner, plan to watch an adult video together. Just the idea itself is great communication starter.

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