Why Role Play and Fantasy Work So Well

Contrary to what you might think, the largest sex organ in the body is actually the brain. And when you use put this organ to work, you might just end up with some of the best sexual experiences of your life. Whether your relationship is lacking its sparkle, or you’re anxious about a new date, why not throw in some fantasy role play to up your level to awesome?

Worried you’re too “vanilla” to try any kinky stuff? It really isn’t kinky, given that fantasy is already a part of your sexual relationship. Don’t believe us? Check your flirty sexts! What about the last webcam session you had? Both men and women love to be seduced into arousal. So, take a look at these popular role-playing ideas and stimulate each other to the quivering heights of pleasure.

Teacher and Student

Have you been bad, very very bad? You need some disciplining from the uptight teacher! You can add your own storyline to make it more exciting. It might be totally unethical in real life, but in your fantasy world, it’s smoking hot! Get ready to punish or be punished in the most erotic way for letting the dog eat your homework!

The Chamber Maid

This is an all-time favourite one, right? Make the maid clean the room by kneeling in front of you, bending over, reaching across and more. Don’t forget to dress the part in a tight little maid’s costume.

The Plumber and the Housewife

It could be anyone, actually – the pizza delivery guy who comes in for his change or the mailman who needs to help with something in the house. The excitement lies in those stolen moments of arousal with a stranger.


How about taking the role play to a whole new place? Why not book into a hotel as a couple having an extra-marital affair? Plan a secret rendezvous in the middle of the day. It will add to the novelty of the entire experience.

Nurse and Patient

Don’t you just love a naughty nurse in her extra tight uniform? There’s something totally erotic about being seductive in a uniform. If you’re the nurse, make sure you give the patient just the care they need too.

Strangers in a bar

Are one-night stands an arousing fantasy for you? Then play it out with your partner. Pretend to be strangers who hook up at a bar. Dress up, go to the bar and strike up a conversation. Don’t break character.

Masseuse and Client

This one is a hot favourite because you get the best of both worlds. You get an erotic massage while role-playing. In fact, massages are proven to be good ways to stimulate someone. Get those aromatherapy oils ready and play the seductive masseuse or client, whichever you like.

Did you know that March 15 is celebrated as True Confessions Day in the US? This year, it might be time to ‘fess up your fantasies to your partner and explore a whole new realm of excitement.

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