An Insight to’s Moderation Policy is recognised as the leading online adult services company on the Internet and as such have initiated many processes to ensure the platform remains safe, secure and compliant for all our members.  It goes without saying that the current political and social climate dictates that we need to be on our toes at all times to ensure we are viewed as part of the solution and not part of the problem.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of sexual exploitation and have a responsibility to ensure we take steps to identify any such abuses on the Site, working closely with UK Government anti-Trafficking departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Child Protection Bodies and external industry support groups such as National Ugly Mugs to ensure the platform remains safe, secure and compliant for our membership.

We stringently moderate all individual profiles and content uploaded to the platform and, by necessity, operate strict guidelines to ensure they comply with our User Agreement and Website Use Policy.  Should we discover any impropriety, suspicious patterns or unusual account activity, we will investigate internally.  On some occasions, we’ll deactivate an account until we receive further verification from the member in question.  The decision to deactivate an account is never taken lightly.  Our overriding brief is to ensure the platform remains a safe and secure haven for all our members., by way of its size alone, is always going to be a target for unscrupulous operators.  Unfortunately, there are occasions when accounts do get deactivated in error by our moderation team.  We understand the frustration and disruption to earnings that this can cause and will reinstate any profile that adheres to our published policies. Please understand that our responsibility is to the membership as a whole.  We cannot allow the impropriety of a few to affect the overall integrity and operation of the Site.  In the current political and financial climate, we cannot afford to ask questions and wait for or hope for a response whilst a potentially infringing profile remains live or accessible.

Inappropriate or illegal content, lack of clarity about profile ownership or operation will always incur some level of moderation.  These kinds of problems are encountered far less than some politicians would have you think, (and we are engaged in research to help them understand), what is far more common is members simply not reading the rules.  In the main, profile moderation or suspension can be avoided by following these guidelines:

  • Only ever put your phone number into a field that says it is for a phone number. Do not put your phone number into your email signature or footer or any part of your Profile Page.
  • Use the Available Today Feature, Availability Diary or your profile details field to specify when you are available for work. Do not put any reference to your availability in your profile summary.  Links to these features can be found in the ‘My Details’ section of the Site.
  • Only register once. There are rules around having more than one profile.  Unless you are 100% sure of them, only have one active offering services profile at any one time.
  • The only method of payment supported on the Site is Credits. Do not ask clients to pay you via PayPal or any other mechanism.  (PayPal does not allow adult entertainment transactions anyway.)
  • Maintain a working email address. If we send you an email and your mail provider refuses it (mailbox full, account not known etc.), your membership will be suspended until such time as you perform email verification again.
  • This is the catch-all and is more about the conduct expected of all our members:
    Be open and honest – with the Site and the people you interact with.  Don’t be deceptive or try and scam the Site or its membership.  This extends into every aspect of the Site, be it performing on cam or providing verification documents.

More often than not you will be notified if your membership is suspended along with the reason why.  This will be via your registered email address.  Generally, it’s a short process of validating some facts or removing the infringing material.  Once completed your membership will be restored promptly.

We now have our Live Chat service available from 9AM – 5PM (UK), Monday – Friday, that can be accessed via the Help Centre where you can get instant responses and assistance.  Please use this if you need to.  It’s just one of the many developments you will see from over the coming months to make your experience with the platform more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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