What You Need to Know About Edging

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What You Need to Know About Edging

Today we’re talking about edging and no we’re not referring to the nice clean lines between your lawn and garden beds. But here’s a hint, it often includes a bed! Edging, (surfing or peaking as it is also called), helps prolong the sexual encounter and often leads to more intense orgasms. Essentially you pause thrusting or rubbing before you orgasm to intensify the experience. You can do it multiple times before you finish for an even stronger orgasm. As a cammer, it can heighten the sexual tension between you and your audience and give them the maximum value for their time.

Edging is favoured among those who want to practice mindful sex/masturbation or simply experience intensely pleasurable orgasms. One study revealed that over 65.5% of women confirm that edging helps with longer and significantly stronger orgasms. Edging is decidedly also a great alternative to the No-Fap community, which is how web forums often define it.

Here’s everything you need to know about edging.

How to Practice Edging

There’s no one way to edge, only some very useful ideas to help you delay the “point of no return.” The good news is that anyone can master it. Here’s how:

  1. Edging is not just for delaying a premature orgasm. It’s a way to experience pleasure more deeply. Start off with creating the right atmosphere. It could be seductive music at a low volume, scented candles and ambient lighting or any other personal rituals that put you at ease. Also ensure you will have privacy.
  2. As they say, lube is for everyone. Invest in a good-quality variant that is free of petrochemicals or glycerine (choose water- or silicone-based lube) especially if you’re going to use your hands.
  3. Practice your moves and understand your body’s responses if you’re looking to do it as a cammer. To extend the sexual experience for the longest possible time, you should understand when to stop and how. There are various ways to do it, from as simply as as the stop-start technique, to diversion, and ballooning (we’ll explain that one further down in this article).
  4. Use a sex toy to practice. The toy gives you control to switch on and off. This can help you understand your body and practice prolonging the point of climax.
  5. Tantric sex is a great way to practice edging, since it involves going slow, being mindful, and tapping into the energy movements between the two bodies to enhance the sexual experience. For tantric edging, inhale slowly when you believe you’re about to orgasm. While inhaling, visualise pulling the orgasmic energy away from your genital and towards your head. You could ask your partner to help by moving their fingers up your body.

Edging with Someone vs. Doing it Alone
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Edging can be highly satisfactying regardless of whether you are masturbating alone or having sex with a partner. How you take yourself or your partner to the brink of the Big O is your own choice, but what usually triggers it is genital stimulation. During solo play, you might always know when to pause, distract yourself and resume later. However, when you’re with someone, the trick is to go slow and pause after a safe period of stimulation.  If you intend to edge with a partner or as a cammer, it is recommended to discuss it beforehand. Lack of communication could lead to a frustrating experience and even be considered as violating consent.

Edging is also popular among the BDSM community where exchange of power is fundamental. As an act of control, it can really heighten the experience for both parties.

Benefits of Edging as a Camgirl

Camming helps clients fulfil all kinds of fetishes and fantasies. Some clients might want to see you resist an orgasm, while others might express the wish to do it themselves with you watching. And it can of course be highly enjoyable for you as a cammer!

Whether you are the proud owner of a vulva or a penis, clients watching you touch yourself in the way you like is intensely pleasurable. Prolonging it by lingering on the edge of an orgasm is sure to make them keep coming back for more.

To amp up your earnings potential, don’t forget to add sexy teasers and pictures suggesting what you’re good at.

Pro Tip: Add a couple of good-quality vibrators to your repertoire to bring a fresh dimension to your edging.

Kegels and Edging

You might wonder if edging is the same as Kegels, and the answer is that both are related but aren’t quite the same. Kegels are an exercise where you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to avoid premature ejaculation. Kegels can be practiced generally throughout the day, when you’re not having sex or masturbating, by clenching the pelvic floor muscles (in the same manner as stopping midway through urination) and holding them in that position for as long as you safely can.

Edging, on the other hand, is more psychological. It is possible to practice edging by simply stopping or redirecting stimulation elsewhere. However, practising Kegels has been reported to improve the quality of edging. Known as ballooning, this process involves doing a Kegel at the brink of orgasm, losing the build-up or even the erection, and resuming stimulation whenever possible.

Is it Safe?

Although there are several myths about edging, such as the semen getting backed up in the penis, there is no scientific evidence of this. What proponents of the practice do instead report is better erectile function, a closer connection to their partner and more mindfulness of their own body.

Edging can be a good way to enhance your sexual experiences, whether with your partner or your clients. So, go ahead and start practicing to get it just right.

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