Vouchers – how do they work?

Did you know you can buy AdultWork.com Credits Vouchers?

The vouchers are five-digit codes really, which you can buy with your AdultWork.com Credits and gift to another person who can then turn them back into credits.  They can then spend the credits on pretty much anything they want.

You didn’t know about them?  Read on! 

How much do they cost?

You can buy vouchers from 1 credit through to 50 credits (In most cases, a credit is worth about £1 GBP).

How do I give the voucher code to someone?

When you purchase the voucher you enter the email address of the person you wish to receive it.  As an extra security measure, this must be their AdultWork.com registered email address.  So if the person isn’t a member already, they should register with the email address they received the voucher on.  If they are a member already but with a different email address, they’ll need to switch their email address to the one the voucher was sent to or create a new account.  (Under normal circumstances only one account is really allowed.)

When purchasing the voucher you can also specify a date and time on which it should be emailed.  Ideal for someone’s birthday or other time-based celebration. You will still be charged on the day of purchase, even if you choose to delay sending it.

How does the recipient redeem the voucher code?

It is very simple. They login to the Site, go to ‘My Details’ then ‘Credits’ then ‘Redeem Voucher’ and enter the voucher code from the email.

The credits are then added to their credits account immediately.

Obviously a code can only be used once.

What can the credits be spent on?


Vouchers can be spent on DirectCam, DirectChat, private gallery subscriptions, movie clips or in the Mall.

When service providers receive vouchers from clients, they often use them to pay for in-site features such as the Featured Profile scheme.  Service providers often purchase vouchers to give refunds to pre-booked cam shows that couldn’t happen for one reason or another.

What can’t you do with vouchers?

You cannot withdraw the credits added to your account with a voucher. They have to be spent on-site.

OK, where can I buy them?

Send an AdultWork.com Voucher from the vouchers Page!

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