UK Age Verification Update – June 2019

Thursday 20 June 2019

Age-verification for adult content sites in the UK was due to come into force on July 15 this year, a date put in place by the UK government after already delaying the initial start date of April 2018.

An announcement made in Parliament this morning has confirmed that this will not be the case due to an error made by the government, who failed to notify European regulators about the plan. No clear date has been offered for when age-verification will be implemented, but completing the notification process could take up to six months.

The Culture Secretary, Jeremy Wright, said

“an important notification process was not undertaken for an element of this policy”

and apologised for the fact that a mistake has been made. He confirmed the measure will not be brought into force next month but went on to highlight that this is not a sign that the government is planning on changing its policy stating,

“Age-verification needs to happen”. is already prepared for handling age-verification when it becomes a requirement. In the meantime, you will be able to keep on using the site as normal.

Unlike the Government, we will not forget to notify you when the changes are coming into effect.

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