Since you’re here, we know that you are aware of the immense benefits the safest form of sex brings. But did you know that apart from improving mental and sexual health, it keeps you looking and feeling younger? Want to know how to enhance self-pleasure? Dive into the tips below for your upcoming solo sessions.

1.     Set the Mood

Candles, flowers, and your favourite tipple, prepare the space and yourself for the session as you would for sex with a partner. Think about what gets you in the mood. Is it wearing sexy lingerie or staying naked? The bed, the floor, or the bath? Get rid of all distractions and turn your phone off so you can enjoy the solo session to the fullest. Prepare for the session with chocolates, dim lights and some erotica. Watch adult videos, listen to a raunchy podcast or read. Just don’t forget to lock the door!

2.     Bust Out That Personal Mirror!

Look at yourself in the mirror and admire God’s most beautiful creation. Acknowledge any shame or guilt you might be feeling in exploring your private parts and get rid of it. All you’re doing is learning about your body and its preferences. Touch your erogenous areas and discover what feels great and what doesn’t. You can even record yourself to have some personalised erotica for the next time.

3.     Bring in Your Favourite Sex Toy

Sex toys can take the experience of masturbation to the next level. Vibrators are the most versatile and popular of all female sex toys, so let’s begin here. They can be used for clitoral pleasure, penetration and for the stimulation of other erogenous zones, like your nipples.

Tips to Enhance Female Masturbation

4.     Use Your Imagination

Your brain is the best erotica. Everyone has their own sexual fantasies. Learn what yours are. Play your fantasies out in your head and use the space, the room and the sex toys as aids to enhance the masturbation experience. Combine different types of stimulations and play around with different positions. You could even dress for the part.

5.     Experiment

Get to know your clitoris intimately and experiment! Figure out what kind of movements trigger the most pleasure for you. Explore further by inserting your fingers in your vagina and caressing sensitive body parts. Experiment going slow, fast, gentle and rough, using your fingers and/or sex toys. Experience the goose bumps and build a relationship with yourself through the session.

6.     Try Edging

Edging is one of the best ways to prolong a session and heighten pleasure. Push yourself to the climax but stop right before you reach “the point of no return.” Take a breath, distract yourself and then get back to the act once you are ready. Repeat it as many times as you want to and are able to hold off the orgasm. This technique helps you control the release and builds pleasure for the time when you finally climax.

7.     Soak in a Bath

Take your solo-sex session to a whole new level with a warm bath. Take your accessories along, such as wine and (water-proof) vibrators. Set the place up with scented candles. Even edging goes to another level when you relax all your muscles in the bath.

Masturbation should be as much about pleasure as it is about the climax. Focus on elevating the experience and increasing the pleasure every time you fly solo. Don’t be in a hurry. Savour each sensation throughout the experience.


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