Tips for Using a Party Escort Service for the First Time

Decided to take the leap and try out party escort services?  Congratulations, you’re in for a good time – especially if you know the escort etiquette.  Remember, hiring the services of a premium escort does not always mean sex.  You can hire them for a wonderful evening of companionship and good conversation while being the envy of the town with a beautiful woman on your arm.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the dos and don’ts so that you have a pleasurable first experience.

Know What You Want

Are you looking for something specific?  When you use to select escorts, you can choose aspects such as gender, dress size, bust size, ratings, reviews using our awesome new Search page.  But, before you start with the selection, set your budget.  Once you know how much you are willing to spend for the evening, you can choose based on hourly rates charged by various escorts.  This is something you would do for anything you spend money on.  You wouldn’t go out for dinner to a fancy fine-dining restaurant if you’re on a tight budget, or vice versa, right?

Don’t forget to think through what you would like to do on the evening you spend with the escort.  Check whether they offer those services before you make your decision, most members have likes and dislikes list shown on their profile.

Policies and Rules for Cancellation

If you don’t want an unpleasant surprise, make sure you familiarize yourself with the escorts’ own policies regarding their services.  It’s always good to know whether your chosen partner will charge for cancellations, as you never know when you might need to change your plans. takes no part in the arrangement or payment of escort-related bookings, and everyone likes to set their own terms which is why it is important to read through them.  Make sure you check how much in advance they would like to be informed regarding a cancellation, or if rescheduling is possible.

Tips and Gifts

Remember that your escort is your date for the evening.  Be respectful and it doesn’t hurt to bring a gift for them.  What a great way to make a good impression and start off on the right note. It doesn’t even need to buy an expensive gift. It is just a token and an ice breaker.  Why not check their profile to see if they have a Wishlist, these are things that the escort would like – leave out the risk of guessing the wrong gift.

On the other hand, tips are not always appreciated.  If you loved the time you spent with them, reward them by booking them again.  The key is to make them feel comfortable, just as they will try to do the same for you.

Be On-Time

A true lady will never keep you waiting.  Even if they have appointments to attend to before they meet you, they will ensure that they reach punctually at the mutually decided venue.  Plus, they might have appointments fixed after yours. Show them that you respect their time by being punctual.  In case you are late, even for five minutes, make sure to let them know.  Also, remember that sessions cannot be extended if you arrive late – and you’ll have to pay for the full time anyway.  So, might as well make the most of the appointment.

Useful Tips

Now that you are equipped with all the useful dos and don’ts, we’re sure that you are going to have a memorable evening.  Keep in mind though, that just like being on a real-life date, you’ll make the best impression if you’re freshly washed, well-dressed, and considerate of each other’s safety.  When preparing for the night, make sure that you pack some condoms so that both you and your partner will be safe.  If you’re unsure of which brand or type to go for, you can find our escort’s favourites on the Offical Store.

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Lastly, remember that an escort service is a business, like any other.  It has its own rules and regulations.  If you maintain the etiquette, you will definitely want to come back for more.


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