The Pineapple Summit 2022, is focussing on creating a more supportive, united compassionate adult industry.

What is the event focused on?

Breaking down misconceptions, learning how to support each other, and discussing how we can work together to strengthen our industry. Therapists and industry experts will discuss their experiences, coping skills, tips, and tricks to approach, support, and connect with one another with compassion and understanding.


What’s happening on each date?

Wednesday, December 14th

10am PST – Being An Ally; with Jamila Dawson

11am PST – Understanding Gender Diversity Past and Present; with Charlie Nicely

12pm PST – Invisible Disabilities; with Dr. Jena Field

1pm PST – Bullying, How To Stand Up As A Community; with Jasmine Johnson

Thursday, December 15th

10am PST – Supporting Someone In Need; with Dr. Monique Martinez

11am PST – Nets That Connect Us; with Yiset Moreno

12pm PST – Sex Work Rocks!; with Rachael Wells

1pm PST – The Whorearchy, Stigma Inside and Outside Our Communities; with Alex 7Veils

Sounds good, I’m in!

The free, two-day 2022 Adult Industry Health Summit Event will go live online at 10:00am PST on the 14th & 15th December 2022. Make sure you register for the event. You can do this here.

Visit Pineapple Support for more information on this summit event here.


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