Starting as a Webcam Performer on

The flexibility of the platform, its high pay-out rates (70%) and overall ease of use combined with its affluent client-base make one of the places to offer webcam services on the Internet.

If you’re new to webcamming, is the best place to start and below we provide guidelines on how to get started and tips to keep the customers coming! If you know what webcamming is all about then you can read the short version of this article in the Help Centre.

  1. What do I need to be a webcam performer on
  2. How should I set up my home studio?
  3. I’m on cam, how can I get more customers?

Enough already my head is going to explode, just give me the links!

Our Help Centre is full of articles to help you find your way through the intricacies of the JustCamit and DirectCam offerings.

Download JustCamIt for PC, or inf you’re having difficulty try JustCamIt Lite (for emergency use only!).

Check your upload speed with a Broadband Speed Test.

View your DirectCam Settings Page via the DirectCam Settings button– for your JustCamIt login details (look for the link), all settings and auto-tweets.

Bid for DirectCam Positioning or get your profile Featured for Webcamming.

Other Useful Help Centre Articles

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