Six Best Positions That Make You Last Longer

Contrary to what many might think is true, orgasms are not always the sole aim of sex.  There’s so much more that can be enjoyed on the road to the emerald city.  Whilst the final climax is the cherry on top, do keep in mind that 45% of men reach their peak in under two minutes, while women could take as long as 15 minutes.

For a more satisfying experience for all parties, here are some different positions that can help you last longer and enjoy heightened sexual pleasure.  Besides, who doesn’t want to vary it up and try something new?  It might just add to the arousal.

1.    Woman On Top

This doesn’t need any explanation, does it?  This position works because it allows for deeper penetration.  Also, it gives a greater range of movement for heightened pleasure.  The woman can move back and forth or in circles.  She’s in the driver’s seat and can speed up or slow things down to help you build towards a simultaneous climax.  Added bonus to this position is that it leaves you free to stimulate her by caressing or kissing her erogenous zones.

2.    The Cross

This one might be a little trickier than the woman on top.  Here, the man lies on his side, while the woman lies on her back, at a 90-degree angle to the man.  The woman can then drape her legs over the man’s hips to allow penetration.  This is another position that allows deeper penetration, which is more fulfilling for the female partner.  Since this position doesn’t allow very hard or swift thrusts and limits the range of motion, it allows you to last longer.  At the same time, it allows both partners to continue stimulating each other with their hands.

3.    The Lazy Dog

The regular doggy style might be a lot of fun, but it also might not prolong the session.  So, let’s take a twist on this position, where the woman lies on her stomach and the man penetrates from behind.  If penetration is difficult in this position, start off with the regular doggy style and slowly lower yourself to a lying position.  What this does is limit the penetration and the power of the thrusts, without reducing the fun (the view’s great, right?).

4.    The Sitting Position

Here, the man sits on the floor or the bed, and the woman straddles him in a sort of sitting woman on top position.  This can be an intensely intimate position and offers a variety of thrusting motions, just like the woman on top.  Plus, you get to caress each other and keep the arousal high.  Since the man can’t control the level or speed of the thrusts, it can help you last longer.

5.    Take the Throne

Here the man sits on a chair, with the woman standing in front with her back to him.  She then lowers herself onto the man’s lap, while inserting his penis.  Let the woman take control to grind and thrust, while she enjoys deeper penetration.  Make sure you choose a sturdy chair though.  One with armrests might be even better, giving the woman extra support for the thrusts.

6.    Spooning

We left the most intimate position for the last.  Here both partners lie on their side, with the woman’s back to the man, just like a cuddling position.  Now, the woman can separate her legs and guide you to penetrate her from behind.  This position allows only short thrusts and leaves the man free to stimulate the female partner’s clitoris for heightened arousal.  This position might take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it’s totally worth it.


Satisfying sex for both parties can help build stronger, healthier relationships. These positions can help you achieve just that.


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