Sending out Good Vibrations in our Black Friday Special Offer

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Our Black Friday Sale is finally here!  Once you’re done giving thanks for everything and everyone else in your life, it’s time to give yourself a feel-good gift.  So, this year, make the holiday season special by giving yourself some good vibrations too.

Why are we so insistent on good vibrations?  That’s because sexual satisfaction brings you a plethora of benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving mood and mental health.  When you feel good, you spread good vibes too, which is great for everyone.  So, to spread good cheer this year, we bring you a Black Friday Sale like never before.  Check out our most popular vibrators with discounts of up to 60%.

It Isn’t All About Self-Gratification

Whether you’re self-isolating, or a digital nomad, it’s good to know that you don’t need a partner for sexual satisfaction.  In fact, masturbation is known to bring you the same benefits as sex with another individual, including an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. It also helps you understand your own body, which can lead to better sexual experiences with your partner.

Even better, use sex toys as foreplay, after-play and even during-play, with your partner.  What better way to amp up arousal and the pièce de resistance, the climax!  So, don’t wait till Christmas to give yourself and your special relationship the gift of satisfaction.  Check out our Black Friday Sale right away.

Not sure what to look for in vibrators?  Take a peek at what’s on offer.


Take Charge of Your Satisfaction

Our most popular vibrators from Loving Joy are on sale this Black Friday, including the Mini Rabbit Bullet Vibrator, Wand Vibrator in Purple, Pink Bullet Vibrator and Magic Wand Vibrator in Purple.  With the Mini Rabbit Bullet Vibrator, every day is Easter with ultra-quiet dual stimulation.  It’s small enough to carry discretely too.  So, even if you’re travelling this holiday season, you can bring your satisfier with you!

If you’re looking for something more, check out the other three.  Each comes with an elegant and sleek design and 10 different function settings, for complete satisfaction every single time.  All these vibrators are waterproof and lightweight, making them easily portable and very easy to use.  You can even use lubrication without worrying about damaging them.

We follow the Goldilocks principle and bring you vibrators that are just right for you.  Choose from a variety of colours, materials, intensities, shapes, and price ranges.  There are ones with textured heads for added stimulation and those with a simple on-off, one-button operation.  So, even if this is your very first sex toy, these vibrators can be a great way to understand what helps you get you aroused the best.

Then again, if you’re a veteran, you still get to experience a variety of different settings and vibration levels for different sensations.  Take your pleasure to the next level using them on your own or take sexual play up a notch with your partner.

Don’t miss out on kicking off this holiday season with these sensational offers.  Check out our Black Friday discounts before they’re gone.

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