Review: Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original

Fleshlight Pink Vagina Original






Value for Money




Ease of Use



  • A sensation you’ll never experience with your own hand
  • Fully removable sleeve for cleaning


  • Bulky

On first impressions, the fleshlight feels lighter to hold than it looks but it doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic toy. Out of pure curiosity, the first thing you’ll do is put your fingers in it – you’ll notice a rigid plastic tube and think WTF that’s gonna hurt! The plastic tube is just to keep it in shape while it’s not in use so don’t forget to remove that.

You might want to soak the sleeve in warm water for a while until it reaches body temp, otherwise, the sensation might feel cold and unlike the ‘real thing’.

You’ll need some lube (a small sachet is included in the box), it’ll be trial and error on how much suits you.

The end cap can be tightened or loosened to adjust the vacuum seal/resistance.  If the noise you’re creating puts you off your stride (or if there are others in the house), open the cap a little more to reduce this.

The smooth texture makes this really easy to clean, fully removable sleeve – just don’t clean it with soap or detergents or you’ll ruin the sleeve material.  Rinsing with water is totally sufficient, although you can buy Fleshlight antibiotic cleaning spray which won’t harm the material.

It’s not complicated to use, no batteries required for a realistic feeling with sensations you won’t have felt before on your own.  Get lubed up & you’ll be away. If you jump on DirectCam while you’re using it, you’ll be seeing the action and feeling it too – as you can’t feel your hand stroking, it really does feel like it’s not you creating the sensation.

Don’t leave it laying around – someone will think it’s a torch and they’ll get a surprise!


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