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Since the creation of way back in 2003, there have been some amazing usernames used on but, sometimes, the name you wanted has already been taken – damn!  We’re sure you’ve experienced it before, and yes we know, it’s so annoying when you’ve thought up a great username and found someone’s already beaten you to it.  Well… good news –  we’re going to be releasing plenty of usernames over the coming months for you to choose from.  If you had to choose a username you weren’t particularly happy with, well now’s the time to try again.

When will the usernames be released?

Every day, we’ll be releasing more usernames.  If you’re still seeing the message “The Nickname you supplied is already in use by another user”, use something that is available and then try your desired username again tomorrow – it might just be available (you can do this from your Registration Details Page (further instructions below)).

What can I choose from?

Simple usernames such as ‘Eve’, ‘Deb’ or ‘Rachael’ are likely to be more readily available for you to use.  This is due to members taking usernames like this up back in 2003.  Usernames are taken on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.

How do I change it?

If you want one of the released usernames, you can change your existing username using your Registration Details Page here.  If you’re only changing your username, leave your password box empty and your email address field filled in (this will be the email address associated with your profile).

Once you’ve entered your desired username, hit save.

If you’re using the WebApp, you can change your username here and hit the save button.

Don’t forget that once you’ve changed your username, log in with that username next time.


AdultWork tip – if you’re marketing your profile anywhere, always try to use the link showing your UserID number rather than your username.  Your UserID will never change (unless you create a new profile). 


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