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Advertising on external websites and Only

With so many members seeking services on our platform, it is essential that you tick the appropriate profile settings when setting your profile up. Doing this right can increase your exposure dramatically. However, the downside is that there are so many options and tick boxes on your Edit Profile Page that it can all get a bit confusing. To make things easier, we’re going to explain the significance of two of the most important profile settings:

  • Other Sites – Only show on
  • Social Media Advertising – Allow my Profile

These words on their own probably don’t mean much to you, but the implications of having these boxes ticked or not could be significant to your earning potential.

Other Sites – Only show on

Like most other online platforms, makes some data available to developers and third parties. The overriding principle is that wherever this data appears, the viewer will always be drawn back to to view the data in full or to connect (book, email, cam etc) with the advertiser. We have been very careful about what data we share (mainly profile data) to ensure that anyone interested in you must come back to to engage in any activity. We never disclose any personal information, only information that people browsing the Site and looking at your profile could see. By leaving this box blank you are consenting to your profile data being used by third parties.

Watch out for the ads and pop-ups, but here are a couple of example sites that are using data from

Many of these sites and their webmasters have invested heavily in SEO and marketing strategies to ensure they get the traffic when people search for escorts.  If you’re not listed, you could be missing out on potential business.

AdultWork Tip: If you’re a marketer or developer you can create your own sites, apps or products that use data and earn when referring visitors to us. See our Developers Site for more information.

Rightly, some members wish to restrict their online presence to only. They do not want third parties publishing their profile data on their own websites, so we have provided the ‘Only show on’ tick box. When ticked, your profile will be excluded from these promotional features. Be careful not to “cut off your nose to spite your face”. These webmasters are incentivised to bring traffic to the Site and the primary beneficiaries of that traffic will be those that leave this box blank, and allow their profile data to be listed on other sites.

Social Media Advertising – Allow my Profile

The implications of ticking this box are slightly less complicated than that above. advertises itself and its members online and offline. We are always looking for good imagery and content to use in our marketing material. If you tick the box to allow social media advertising we will include, or consider at least, the content on your profile for inclusion in such campaigns.

A link back to your profile will always be provided wherever we use your content.  If it is a high profile campaign we will normally contact you first to obtain your consent.

Some examples of our advertising campaigns include:

  • Tweeting about Member of the Day winners, with a picture of the winner. (Read our article ‘What is Member of the Day and why should I bid for it?‘).
  • Instagram posts
  • Promoting the My Adult Site product using screenshots of good-looking MAS sites. (Have you checked out your MAS site yet?)
  • Traditional advertising in adult industry magazines, typically promoting escorts for which only escorting members are selected.
  • Promotional videos that are shown at events sponsors or is otherwise promoting.

 AdultWork Tip: For your profile or your content to be considered for our advertising and marketing campaigns, you need to tick the box!

On-site Implications

If you don’t tick this box we’ll presume you don’t want to appear outside of This then triggers two automatic settings to help protect your data:

  1. We add a search engine directive to your Profile Page telling Google and all the other search engines not to index your page. Whilst not being searchable is not recommended, we always give you the tools to control your online presence.
  2. Auto-tweet settings are ignored.  If you have set-up auto-tweets for new content or DirectCam activities these will not be posted to Twitter.

As you can see, giving you control over your data is our priority.  Many members are not sure about these options.  Use of the first one we understand; in some scenarios, it suits members to want to keep their profile data inside only.  With the second option for social media advertising, your content is controlled by using our guiding principles of openness and honesty and doing what is expected of a credible and trustworthy online platform.

Set these profile settings now via:

  • Desktop Site – General Tab on the Edit Profile Page
  • WebApp – Navigate to My Details > My Profile (tab) > Other Settings
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