I used to be employed as an office administrator for an electrical company, earning just over £5 an hour working a 38 hour week.  Every Friday I got paid and after paying my rent, phone bill, bus ticket to get to work and groceries, my bank balance was back to zero or into overdraft.  I remember being sat at my computer one afternoon at work and thinking there had to be more to life than this and started finding it hard to be motivated to do my work.  I am fully qualified as a beauty therapist but with so many girls doing this the jobs are scarce and wages also very low, a lot of the time below minimum wage and regularly just part-time hours.

Feeling rather miserable that night after work, I was online and looking at adult sites.  I knew about webcamming but didn’t think people made money from it.  With nothing to lose I joined as a webcam girl, built a quick profile, downloaded JustCamIt and logged in.

Almost immediately after logging in, it started ringing which I accepted.  I did a little show and was guided by the person to do what he asked and he left my room very happy.  Stayed online for about 2 hours that night and had a lot of calls.  I found my statement and I had made money,  more money than I ever made in a day at work!  I carried on logging on after work for a week and continued getting calls, not only was I earning money but I was having so much fun doing it!

That was it, I handed in my notice at work and they allowed me to leave immediately, I guess I  wasn’t a valuable asset to the company.  Now free all day and night I continued working on my profile, every day finding new features of the site.  Within around three months I had saved a large deposit to buy my first house and after six months came the hot tub which has been useful for some rather different cam sessions.

I started making short clips to upload to my profile which got quite a lot of views.  Webcam clients would tell me the sort of clips they would like to see me do so I started making them.  After a while, I started using a better camera and recording longer clips than the original couple of minutes and just generally putting a lot more effort into them and trying to think of different things to do.

I started webcam in February 2016 and I think it was around September 2016 I was a nominee for UKAP Webcam Performer of the Year.  I didn’t win the award but being noticed and made a nominee was amazing, I hadn’t been nominated or won anything at all previous to that.  Thanks to I am independent, able to pay my bills and have a lot of fun in life!  Writing this I am approaching two years of being on and I have loved every minute of it!

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