My AW journey : Mandy Foxxx

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So I joined AdultWork back in 2013 as a single parent after leaving an abusive relationship. I had previously done a bit of agency work but AdultWork is where my journey really began. I had a pretty good ride to be fair, no problems, all decent clients and I always used the feedback system to ensure I was safe. So lovely chaps I met all the way back in 2013, I still see now to this day. I always make a joke saying I’ve known you longer than I’ve known my husband haha.

In November 2013 the day that changed my life came about. I had a booking request sent the day before but I didn’t see it till the morning, so I text the chap anyway to see if he still wanted to meet. He did but he asked me not to leave feedback as he thought I wasn’t available due to not getting back to him sooner, and he booked someone else but then cancelled on her because he wanted to see me instead. Oops!

The door bell goes and I answer the door. I’ll never forget this moment, a tall dark and handsome man standing in front of me, early to mid twenties I would have said. I let him in and my first question was ‘why are you here? You don’t need to pay for this surely?!’ He said he couldn’t be bothered with going out to meet girls. Fair enough.

I’ll never forget the moment he just whipped his **** out …… it was the best sex I ever had. I told him to come back for half price lol! After he did that I said he could come back for free… oopsss! Then he came over on Valentine’s Day 2014 with flowers and chocolates and I was sold.

Long story cut short he is now my husband and father to my children!

So thank you, AdultWork. You provided me not only with my income and the reason I’ve been able to buy a house and live a good life, but also you gave me my soul mate.


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