My AW journey: JennaBellaRoseXXX

I discovered through a girlfriend five years ago.  I had heard the name thrown around, and people always suggesting that I take a look.  I was not being satisfied sexually in my private life and was keen to explore a website that could both fulfil people’s needs and my sexual urges.

Working as an escort in London was an incredible experience.  I have always considered myself somewhat of a hedonist.  I have a supercharged sex drive and what better way to fulfil all licentious fantasies than to work in the sex industry.  During this period, I met some incredible, fascinating people…  It was not only the physical aspect that I loved but I also truly thrived off the psychological side of escorting.  What makes people tick sexually has always fascinated me.

I will never forget the day a handsome young Brazilian man walked through my hotel door.  I was immediately struck by his dark good looks and lean rock-hard body….


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