Member Referral Scheme Promotion May 2020

The Member Referral Scheme rewards you with credits every time someone registers from your referral link and buys credits.  For every credit they purchase, you receive a percentage of that amount in credits.  You can use these credits on the Site or withdraw them as part of our Shared Revenue Scheme.

We know it’s a difficult time for everyone so we’re offering a promotion to give all our members the chance to top up their income.

What’s the promotion?

If any of your referred customers purchase credits in May 2020, you will receive 30% of those credits purchased in that month.  These will automatically be added to your account on the 1st of June 2020.

If you've already been referring members, as long as they're still within the 6 month period, you won't miss out - you'll also get 30% for any purchases they make in May 2020.

Can you give me an example?

Yes, we can…  If you refer a new visitor to the Site and they buy 10 credits to have a DirectCam or Phone Chat session with you, not only will you get the value of that session, but an additional 3 credits (30% of the credits they brought).

If they buy credits to view someone else’s movies or cam/chat with someone else, you will still receive 30% of the credits they purchase to do that!

A month is a long time, so if you refer one big spender or lots of regular spenders, you could be looking at hundreds of credits in referral income, all available for withdrawal in the usual way.

Unsure how the Referral Scheme works?

We’ve previously written an Insider article about the Member Referral Scheme, you can read all about it here, it will explain everything you need to know.

Where do I find my Referral Links?

You can find your referral links here.

Start using My Adult Site (MAS)

One of the best ways you can do this is by using your FREE MAS.  This is a website of your own which pulls the information and content used on your AdultWork profile.  When you update your profile, your MAS updates automatically and has its own in-built referral link.

Click here to see your FREE MAS


Where do I use my Referral links?

If your referral link (or MAS) isn’t in your social media bio, forum signature or your own website, include it now so you can make the most of this promotion.

Now is the time to be creative in placing your referral links.  It’s not just the UK on lockdown and you might find more International customers would be interested in signing up and spending on DirectCam or other areas of the Site.

Make these your new referred customers and reap the benefits.


Remember, the 30% incentive only works for purchases made during May 2020.  Make sure you start getting your links out there now!


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