is happy to announce a new feature that we are sure you would love! We’re always looking to bring a whole new level of intimacy, eroticism, and pleasure to the platform, and that’s why we’re integrating Lovense interactive sex toys into our platform!

Now our Seeking Services members can have a dynamic and direct connection with their favourite Offering Services member performing on DirectCam through the power of teledildonics–Lovense toys that are controlled remotely and live by a fan while they’re being used in a DirectCam session by any Offering Services member!

That’s right; fantasy becomes a solid reality thanks to this thrilling technology–where over the internet, fans can operate a sex toy being used in real-time! Not only is it hot and fun, but it’s super easy to use for both Seeking Services members and Offering Services members!

Lovense sex toys add a whole new level of interactivity to DirectCam sessions and are a fantastic way to generate more credits and engage fans. Compatible Lovense sex toys can be controlled remotely and live by a fan while they’re being used in a DirectCam session by any creator.

Once the toys are paired with your room, you can set the toys to vibrate when members tip with credits during your live DirectCam session.

You are in complete control over how your toy reacts to tips, including how long it vibrates and at what intensity.

How can I use the Lovense app on

  1. Create a Lovense Account: Please write your details down, do not lose them, these will be needed again.

  2. Login into your Lovense Account

  3. Visit Extension Dashboard and download/install Share Link


  1. Install “Share Link” extension from either the Dashboard or from Chrome Extension Store

  2. Launch “Share Link” Extension from Chrome – you can find it on the top right of the browser
    • There should be a button (as seen below) to open up your extensions, then click on the “ShareLink” pin
    • Additionally, type in your browser chrome://extensions/ and you should see a page with all your extensions → find “ Share link “ and click on the pin next to it

  3. After concluding the step 4 (clicking on the Pin) on the top right of your browser you should see this:
  1. Click on it and a mini-modal should appear → click “Go to settings”
  1. A new page will load in a new tab (your Lovense Dashboard) → On this new tab, please Login with the credentials you created in Step 1

  2. From the Dashboard, select “Add a Cam Site” and from the menu select/find “AdultWork”
  1. On the right side there is a button “Connect Now”, click on it and pair your Lovense Device

  2. Once your Lovense Device has been paired, visit click the Broadcast Now button,  then in the broadcast settings (gear icon on the preview ), go to the last tab and Enable Lovense. 
  1. Once you have Enabled Lovense Integration and the Auto Reconnect, refresh the page. 

  2. Once refreshed, you can at this point to Initiate the Broadcast and observe the Lovense Menu

  3. For future broadcasts you do not have to redo the steps, the settings will be saved for future streams.

  4. In case you clear the cache and cookies from the beginning of time and you are logged out from the Lovense, then please login as advised in step 3, and then your integration will be resumed. 

Lovense toys are unbeatable when it comes to reliable connections. And that’s important if you are looking for an uninterrupted DirectCam session.

You can now control your Lovense toy from an unlimited distance. While inside you, you can adjust the toy, freeing your hands from holding the vibrator.

By adding in this sensational layer of interactivity, you’re in for a whole new camming experience on your DirectCam session!

Try it today because you’ll be amazed at what the Lovense toys can do!!!

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Let’s vibe together!

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